Healthcare Pre-employment Tests Improve Quality and Effectiveness of Healthcare Recruitment

The healthcare sector plays a crucial role in saving lives and maintaining the health of the people. Hiring quality in healthcare has a direct impact on the quality of healthcare provided in healthcare institutions. Fully customizable healthcare assessment tests from SkillRobo enable quick and effective screening of candidates to find the perfect fit for the role.

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Must have Skills for
Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare pre-employment tests evaluate key skill requirements

Problem solving ability

healthcare professionals need to have good problem-solving skills to handle crisis situations

Organizational skills

medical professionals need to be highly organized and have a keen eye for detail in order to carry out patient care duties and medical diagnostics


healthcare professionals need to show empathy and compassion while working with patients who are in physical and mental pain

Medical knowledge

thorough knowledge of medical practices and diagnostic procedures is a must for medical professionals


healthcare professionals need to carry out their healthcare duties with utmost patience and tolerance under trying circumstances at work

Key Functions in Healthcare Sector

Health management:
the most important function of healthcare is to improve the health status of individuals, families, and communities. Ensuring that health authorities steer the health sector towards delivering quality healthcare, planning to tackle future challenges, defining clear, inclusive, and transparent health policies are part of the health management function.
Health information systems:
health management systems depend on updated health information systems. Maintaining health information systems that contain information on various health challenges, performance of the health systems, and environment in which the health system operates.
Health Financing:
improving health care and reducing health and financial inequalities is the primary aim of health financing systems. Removing financial barriers to access, preventing financial hardship, and catastrophic expenditure are some of the functions of health financial systems.
Developing medical products and technologies:
developing medicines, vaccines, diagnostic systems, and health technologies for providing affordable healthcare to everyone is another healthcare function. Regulating and authorizing medical product delivery, inspecting quality of products, and monitoring product prices are other functions.

Roles in Healthcare Industry

Nurse Practitioner

nurse practitioners diagnose and treat patients. They can work independently without being under the supervision of physicians. They need to have knowledge of medical practices and diagnostics.

Occupational therapist

occupational therapists help injured or ill people to perform their everyday activities. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. OTs need to have a master’s degree or doctorate in occupational therapy.

Physical therapist

a physical therapist helps injured or ill people manage their pain and move around. They diagnose physical issues, teach physical exercises, and provide hands-on therapy.

Administrative Healthcare

roles in administrative healthcare revolve around planning and administrative work. Scheduling appointments, running offices or nursing homes, handling finances and accounts, and computer analysts are some admin roles.

Clinical healthcare

people who have attended nursing or medical school perform clinical roles. Ambulatory nurse, bereavement counselor, physicians for various specializations, house supervisor nurse are some of the clinical healthcare roles.

Technical healthcare

technicians who take biological samples, perform sonograms and other diagnostic procedures provide technical support to healthcare. Clinical specialist, exercise physiologist, home health aide are some technical healthcare roles.

Evaluation for Healthcare Industry Roles

Healthcare professionals play a pivotal role in delivering healthcare to people. Management of health and providing emergency medical assistance are main functions of healthcare systems. Healthcare workers need to be steeped in their domain skills and also have qualities like empathy, compassion, and logical reasoning. Healthcare pre-employment tests from SkillRobo enable thorough evaluation of job-related skills and behavioural traits of candidates.

Online healthcare assessment tests help evaluate

  • Job related skills – role-based skills test for healthcare evaluates all the skills required for performing the role well.
  • Problem solving ability – evaluates the problem-solving ability of healthcare professionals when faced with challenging work scenarios.
  • Organizational skills – the ability of candidates to plan and organize their work, and attention to details is evaluated.
  • Compassion and empathy – the ability of candidates to understand and empathize with the patient’s health condition and pain is evaluated

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