What is Pre-Employment Skills Testing?

Pre-Employment skills testing is what the phrase suggests. Prior to the actual employment, candidates are screened for basic employability. Resumes are perused for basic qualifications and validation. A set of candidates are filtered and they are called in for a face-2-face interview. Before the interview process, the candidate’s skills are assessed by asking them to write a test that tests the basic skills of the candidate. All of these pre-employment activities take considerable time and the skill assessment tests take a huge chunk of it.

employees testing their skills before getting employed

With the help of reliable and well-designed skill testing software, you can save the time spent manually administering these tests every year.

Statistics suggest that at least 30% of the monthly cost is spent on the recruitment process and some large organizations spend as much as 40% on hiring and retaining the right candidates.

This is a cost that most companies continue to incur on an annual basis and many times, this just goes under the carpet. The assumption is that a majority of organizations have a dedicated HR team and opine that it wouldn’t hurt to keep on hiring again and again. Apart from the investment made, an improper skill testing program and recruitment process would affect

  • the retention of talented employees in a team
  • the strength of a team as experienced individuals leave the team
  • the quality of work done as the wrong candidates are hired
  • the HR team’s performance in the pre-employment skills testing process is inefficient
  • your company as you might miss on the best candidates because the process was not scalable and efficient

How Does SkillRobo Change the Pre-Employment Skills Testing Process?

1. Choice of Tests

The sheer number of tests available on the SkillRobo platform will surprise you as there is a test for every requirement, including popular skill tests that cover domains like IT, BPO, and KPO.

2. SME-Supported Questions

Every test on the platform is created by Subject Matter Experts who have years of experience in the topic and are capable of challenging the candidates with intricate questions on the topic.

3. Reliable Support

Our support team works round the clock, ready to answer your questions and queries whenever there is a need. You can e-mail, text, or call them to get your doubts clarified at the earliest.

4. Private Testing Solution

The questions, the testing methodology, and the platform are completely secure. It is conducted online which allows candidates to take it in a private manner from any part of the globe, expanding your hiring capabilities.

5. Advanced Reporting System

The reporting helps the HR team make quick decisions, understand where each candidate stands, and saves a lot of time spent in shortlisting the best ones. It can also be used to evaluate the best and retain them to be hired later if not immediately.

SkillRobo is a powerful, versatile, and scalable pre-employment skill assessment tool using which you can change the way your HR team handles recruitment. Besides being a cost-effective solution, the readily available tests and choice of topics to choose from, the ability to scale with newer tests, and customer support make it the most efficient software for shortlisting and recruiting the right candidate.

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