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In the last 10 years, the expectations of recruiters and candidates from each other have increased enormously resulting in a complete transformation of the recruitment process. An interactive and engaging recruitment process creates a positive impact on the candidate. Recruitment managers need to come up with innovative ideas that make the hiring process candidate centric. A majority of the challenges faced by modern recruiters can be overcome by adopting modern recruiting software.

Top 5 Recruitment Challenges in 2024

According to Siddhartha Gupta, CEO of online talent assessment company Mercer|Mettl, the key recruitment trend for 2024 will focus on specificity. Specificity in who to hire and focus on screening the right profile for open positions will be the main focus of recruitment managers. Year 2024 is predicted to be the year of data-driven recruitment.

Here are the five big challenges companies face when trying to recruit new talent

Lack of Brand Perception

As per a LinkedIn survey on Employer Brand Statistics, a majority of job seekers consider the employer’s brand before applying for a job. Businesses without a solid branding strategy will find it challenging to attract top talent. Lack of brand perception is one of the biggest challenges faced in recruitment. Recruitment managers must work towards building impressive brand stories that showcase the company culture and attract candidates to apply for the job.

Talent Shortage

Finding the right fit for the role is paramount for the hiring team. The talent shortage has been one of the main concerns for the recruitment team for decades now. The war for talent is won by companies that have established a strong brand image and have a candidate-centric hiring policy—adopting HR recruiting software that automates repetitive and labour-intensive tasks in the hiring process, so that HR personnel can work on strategies to bridge the talent gap.

Increase in Passive Talent

If the current trend of increase in passive talent continues, soon there will be no job seekers in the market! According to the Hiring Statistics report by LinkedIn, 70% of the workforce comprises passive talent. Employees who are not actively seeking a job outside their current organization are categorized as passive talent. Profiles of such candidates are not available on job websites for the recruiters to consider for open job positions within their organization. The only way to track this talent is to use social media networks where their profiles may be available.

Diminishing Talent Pools

Building and maintaining a talent pool is one of the main functions of HR. Updated talent pools help in filling ad hoc job positions that might arise due to new projects in the company. The best way to build a high-quality talent pool is to improve the brand image and invite potential candidates to join your talent network.

Poor Candidate Experience and Engagement

A poor candidate experience during hiring has a ripple effect within the organization. The immediate impact of a poor hiring experience is the rejection of the job offer. Secondary impacts tarnish brand image in the market when a candidate shares experience with friends/colleagues/social media and potential candidates taking up offers from competitor companies.

One thing that is obvious from the recruitment challenges for 2024 is that recruitment processes need to be candidate-driven. Recruitment strategies that focus on delivering superior candidate experience and engagement are the need of the hour. Also, there are good workflow tools available in the market that’d help you to automate workflows in this regard.

Overcoming Recruitment Challenges in 2024

Technology is key to overcoming the challenges faced in recruitment. Pre-employment skill assessment software is a useful tool for the hiring team. HR recruiting software enables hiring teams to make data-driven hiring decisions. Here are the top 10 best recruiting software for 2024:

  • Survey Sparrow
  • Zoho Recruit
  • SkillRobo
  • Workday HCM
  • Recruiterflow
  • Workable
  • Lever
  • Greenhouse
  • Recruit CRM
  • Taleo


The major challenges faced by modern recruiters can be overcome by adopting the right HR recruiting software. The right skill assessment tool saves the hiring team time and effort finding the right fit. Modern skill assessments are SaaS-based tools that enable quick and effective hiring. SkillRobo is a cloud-based skill assessment software that can be used for hiring at scale for various roles across industries.

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