Critical Thinking Assessment – Measures Problem-Solving & Lateral Thinking Ability

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Our online critical thinking screening test assesses a candidate’s critical thinking ability through inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning exercises. This test lets you choose individuals who can identify issues and effectively resolve them by critically evaluating the given information.

Skills Covered in our assessment

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Solving Deductive reasoning 
  • Understanding Sequences and Arrangements

Use Critical Thinking Assessment in the hiring process

Any position requiring a high level of critical and independent thinking to tackle complicated problems, including analyst, executive, legal, computer, and data scientist positions.


About Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an essential ability that enables people to make educated judgments, objectively analyze information, and solve complicated situations. An evaluation of your ability to conceptualize, evaluate, and reason in response to a particular scenario is the goal of a critical thinking test. The capacity to distinguish between facts and opinions and to overcome unconscious bias is a key component of critical thinking.

Critical thinking assessments assess a candidate’s comprehension of the logical connections between concepts, the weight of an argument, potential counterarguments, and the importance of a particular claim. Everybody’s thinking is influenced to some extent by unconscious prejudice. One can distinguish between facts and views with the aid of critical thinking abilities.

These exams are designed to evaluate a person’s capacity for critical thought and suitability for a company or a particular role within it. Employers seek candidates who can think critically about the information, demonstrating that they are open-minded, skilled at solving problems, and capable of making wise decisions. This evaluation helps organizations as well as individuals in developing this essential skill by giving insightful data about a person’s critical thinking capabilities.

How it works

The online critical thinking test assists the recruitment team and hiring managers in evaluating a candidate’s capacity for analytical thinking. The critical thinking skills assessment test was created by qualified subject matter experts (SMEs) to assess applicants on various critical thinking abilities, including problem-solving, change management, conflict resolution, and analytical skills.

The following characteristics are used to help screen candidates using the critical thinking aptitude test: 

  • The ability to acknowledge and manage conflicts in the workspace, improve communication and foster a positive workplace culture.
  • Possessing a knack for analyzing data, spotting trends, using creativity, and coming up with workable solutions.
  • The skills to assess market trends, spot opportunities, and hazards, and develop workable plans to realize strategic goals.
  • The capacity to organize and carry out changes, assist team members during transformation, and coordinate improvements.

The recruitment team and hiring managers have access to comprehensive reports on each applicant that may be used to quickly assess the applicant’s performance in each aspect. Additionally, the Test Insights section’s score distribution & section analysis features to assist in precisely identifying candidates who are job-fit.

What does the Critical Thinking
Test measure in a candidate?

A critical thinking test measures an individual’s ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to form logical and well-reasoned conclusions. These tests are designed to assess a person’s ability to think critically, make sound judgments, and solve complex problems.

Critical thinking tests may include various types of questions, such as identifying assumptions, evaluating arguments, analyzing data, interpreting information, and making inferences. These questions often require individuals to use deductive and inductive reasoning, apply logic and reasoning, and consider multiple perspectives to arrive at a solution.

Candidates who perform well on this test typically have a strong working memory. This test is suitable if you’re seeking applicants who can think for themselves, tackle challenging obstacles, and come up with creative solutions. This is an excellent test for employers to evaluate candidates’ fundamental analytical abilities.

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