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The online financial analyst test from SkillRobo enables comprehensive evaluation of finance and accounting skills, and reasoning abilities of prospective hires. The hiring team can make informed hiring decisions based on the reports and analytics for the role of financial analyst.

About Financial Analyst Role

A financial analyst plays a critical role in the finance and accounting function of an organization.
Helping companies make the best financial decisions by providing guidance and advice on investments, expense control, and financial management is part of the financial analyst’s job.

Nature of work:
performing in-depth research and analysis of a company’s financial transactions and data to offer guidance on all matters of finance management.

Work hours:
typically work during the work hours of the organization. Their work hours may get extended during major financial events in the company.

required at all types of businesses and industries that deal in finance transactions. Investment advisory firms, chartered accountant firms, and corporates

Scope of work:
consolidating and analyzing financial data, providing creative alternatives and recommendations, assembling and summarizing financial reports.

Educational qualification:
A degree or diploma in accounts/finance, commerce or economics related fields. Knowledge of financial laws and the money market.

need to be trained on financial policies of the organization. Training on the mode of finance and accounting transactions of the company is required.

About the Financial Analyst Test

The financial analyst test assessment from SkillRobo has been carefully curated by subject matter experts for holistic evaluation of prospective hires. Pre-employment tests for analysts simplify the screening process by including job-related skill tests and behavioral evaluations. Candidates are evaluated based on real work experiences rather than theoretical knowledge alone. The financial analyst aptitude test combines logical and verbal reasoning evaluations along with regular finance and accounting evaluations.

The financial analyst skill assessment from SkillRobo provides section-wise performance reports and analytics that throw light on the candidate’s skills and competencies. Based on the comprehensive performance reports from pre-employment tests for analyst, the hiring team can make data-driven hiring decisions.

Duration: 15 minutes

No. of Questions: 22

Format: Multiple Choice Questions

Scope of Financial Analyst Skill Assessment

Logical Reasoning Verbal reasoning Accounts and Finance
Pre-employment tests for analysts evaluate logical reasoning skills of prospective hires. Verbal reasoning abilities of potential hires for financial analysts are thoroughly evaluated In-depth evaluation of finance and accounting skills is done via financial analyst test from SkillRobo

How SkillRobo Helps Hire you to Select the Best Talent?

The financial analyst test from SkillRobo ensures thorough evaluation of the job-related skills and competencies, and behavioral traits of prospective hires. Finding a perfect fit for the role of a financial analyst is a breeze with SkillRobo.

  • Comprehensive evaluation: Not just job-related skills, the focus is on logical and verbal reasoning abilities as well.
  • Variety of tests: the skill library is loaded with a variety of evaluations that can be customized according to the skill requirements of the role.
  • Easy administration: the online test link can be easily shared by the hiring team with the candidate through email.
  • Reports and analytics: instant reports and analytics on section-wise performance of the candidate are made available to the hiring team upon test completion.

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