Finance and Accounts Executive Skill Assessment Test

Financial and accounting skills assessment test from SkillRobo designed by subject matter experts include skill tests that cover finance and accounting skills, and other essential skills like logical and verbal reasoning, and general aptitude. The results of the test are instantly provided to the hiring team so that they can make the right decision.

About the test

The financial accounting online test from SkillRobo is a complete assessment of finance and accounting skills of prospective hires. The accounting and finance test is designed by subject matter experts to include logical and verbal reasoning evaluations, general aptitude tests, sales tests, and accounts and finance evaluations. Prospective hires for the role of finance and accounting executives can take up the accounting and financial skill assessment by clicking on the online link shared by the hiring team. Financial accounting executive aptitude test and accounts and finance assessment tests are part of the financial and accounting skills assessment test.

Once the candidate begins the test in a secure browser environment, the online activity of the candidate is monitored till the end of the test to prevent any fraudulent practices. Instant reports and analytics on candidate performance are provided to the hiring team to make the right decision. The financial and accounting manager assessment test consists of questions similar to that for the finance and accounts executives.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 24

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Finance and Accounts Executive Role

The finance and accounts executive is incharge of documenting and overseeing accounts and financial matters in the organization. They are involved in important financial decisions of the organization. They provide financial reports and day-to-day accounting reports to top management

Nature of work:

all the financial and accounting matters of the organization are documented and monitored by finance and accounts executives

Work hours:

work during the normal work hours of the organizations. Extended work hours may be required during finance events in the organization


Investment advisory firms, chartered accountant firms, educational institutions, and corporate companies employ finance and accounts executives.

Scope of work:

documenting financial transactions, compiling and analyzing account information, preparing balance sheets and profit and loss statements

Educational qualification:

a Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting or related fields, and knowledge of corporate finance and accounting principles


finance and accounting executives come with prior experience in finance and accounting, but need training in financial policies of the company

Scope of the financial and accounting skills assessment test

Logical Reasoning

Financial and accounting skills assessment test evaluates logical reasoning skills of prospective hires.

Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning skills of finance and accounts executives are evaluated in this section.

Accounts and Finance

Domain skills in accounting and finance are evaluated in this section.

General Aptitude

The finance and accounting aptitude test evaluates general aptitude of prospective hires.


Finance and accounts executives need to have sales skills.

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
Best Talent?

The pre-employment screening tools like the financial and accounting skills assessment test from SkillRobo is a comprehensive evaluation that covers essential skills required to perform the role efficiently.

Comprehensive evaluation

the test questions for finance and accounts executives cover all the essential domain skills and soft skills.

Secure test environment

the financial accounting manager aptitude test is conducted in a secure browser environment that prevents fraud and cheating.

Complete customization

the hiring team can choose relevant skill evaluations as per the role for which the candidate is being hired.

Instant reports and analytics

section-wise performance reports are communicated to the hiring team so that they can choose the right candidate.

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