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Screening through hundreds of candidates with varied skills across industries is a breeze with SkillRobo. Fully customizable skill library enables effective candidate evaluation on job-related, behavioral, and cognitive skills. SkillRobo covers a wide range of roles and functions like Procurement, Quality, Production, Software Development, Administration, and more.


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HR & Management

Recruitment is a vital business function that enables organizations to acquire talented and skilled candidates, build a talent pool, and retain candidates. The Management function is responsible for strategic planning for business growth and sustainability. Online pre-employment HR and Management Skill assessment tests from SkillRobo enable comprehensive evaluation of key skills required for hiring skilled and talented HR and Management personnel.


The office admin and front desk personnel play important customer handling roles and supervision and management of day-to-day operations in an organization. They need to display a wide range of interpersonal skills and strong problem solving skills. SkillRobo offers customizable skill tests for a variety of office admin roles to evaluate their hands-on expertise. Online administration skill assessment tests from SkillRobo enable comprehensive pre-employment evaluation.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing personnel are responsible for promoting existing products/services and introducing new products to the market. Strong interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills, and complete product/service knowledge are essential for being effective in sales and marketing. Online sales and marketing skills assessment tests from SkillRobo enable holistic evaluation of job-related skills and personality traits.


Procurement is an important business function that has direct bearing on the quality of the products/services from an organization. Good interpersonal skills, organizational skills, vendor management, and market research skills are some of the capabilities of procurement personnel. SkillRobo offers online procurement skill assessment tests that can be customized according to the role for which candidate is being hired.


The production facility of an organization is responsible for production of products and services. Efficient functioning of the production department ensures quality products being delivered on time. Attention to detail, efficient resource utilization, and speed and accuracy are some of the traits required off production personnel. Online production skills assessment tests from SkillRobo enable comprehensive assessment of candidate’s skills for different roles.

Accounts & Finance

The accounts and finance is a critical business function that takes care of cost control and budgeting for the business. Strong data interpretation and analytical skills, attention to details, and math skills are some of the skills that finance and accounting personnel must have. The skill library from SkillRobo can be customized according to the roles against which candidates are being hired to build a talented and skilled team.

Software Development

Most of the industries use software development services to run their day-to-day operations. Thorough evaluation of technical skills, personality traits, and cognitive skills of software development candidates can be quickly done through customizable online software development skills assessment tests from SkillRobo. Screen candidates with the right technical skills, interpersonal skills, and that are a good fit for the company’s culture with software development assessment tests.

Research and development

Research and development personnel are responsible for analyzing market trends and new product development. SkillRobo offers comprehensive online research and development skills assessment tests that evaluate candidates over a variety of skills required for working in the research and development department. Hiring the candidates with the right skill and talent can be effectively done with the customizable skill library.

Customer Service & Support

Strong customer service and support team is essential for the success of a business. SkillRobo offers customizable and holistic skill assessment tests for customer support and service departments. Online customer support and service skill assessment tests from SkillRobo enable thorough evaluation of communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, and aptitude tests of candidates being hired for customer support and service.

Quality Assessment

Ensuring quality of products and compliance with regulatory compliance is the responsibility of the quality assurance department. Online quality skills assessment tests from SkillRobo enable thorough evaluation of key skills like attention to detail, analytical skills, and knowledge of compliance regulations. Quality control skill assessment tests from SkillRobo help evaluate job-related and behavioral skills of candidates.

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