cheating prevention during online assessment test
Supervision Using Webcam

Our software takes pictures of candidates using the computer’s webcam and ensures that the test is conducted fairly and it is always the candidate that is taking the test. Our AI-powered face recognition software keeps track of movement and identifies additional people helping the candidate with the test. You can rest assured that the online test has been attempted by the candidate and no one else.

browser alert during online assessment
Keeping Tab on Active Window

A cheating prevention system in SkillRobo that tracks all interactions on the computer. We identify if a candidate switches browser tabs or opens a different browser window while attempting the test. We keep track of all such violations and present a report at the end of the test.

candidates get different questions and options
Answer Choices are Randomized

Our software discourages and prevents cheating by randomizing questions with a different set of combinations for every test. It also changes the placement of answer choices to prevent cheating during bulk tests. Candidates can sit in the same place and take tests but will not be able to share answers.

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