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Digital Pre-Employment Tests that Measure Critical Traits and Skills.

Holistic talent assessment tests need to evaluate core traits and acquired skills. SkillRobo is powered with a comprehensive skill library that covers 50 key skills across various industries. The custom skill library consists of multiple question types covering domain and communication skills, and personality traits.

  • The current test library of 60-70 questions per skill can be further increased as per individual requirements.
  • The candidate report and list can be downloaded easily by the user to be shared with the team.
  • Candidate’s webcam snapshots can be captured easily for uninterrupted monitoring.

Comprehensive .Net assessment tests covering essential skills for various experience levels. Test includes questions for managerial level to fresher level

Web Services

Holistic web services assessment test conducted under safe browser environment. Skill library comprises of engaging and interactive test content for all experience levels


Hire the best talent through online pre-employment javascript assessment tests from SkillRobo. Customize the test library according to the skill and experience level of candidates


Identify the right candidate for all technical job requirements with SkillRobo. C# assessment test library comprises of comprehensive test questions for varied experienced levels

Angular JS

Looking to hire candidates skilled in angular JS? Fully customizable skill library feature in SkillRobo enables users create complete angular JS assessment tests


Hiring candidates with CSS skills just got easier with SkillRobo. Engaging and interactive test questions in the CSS assessment tests enable thorough evaluation of candidates


Java developers are forever in demand in the job market. SkillRobo offers comprehensive java skill assessment tests that cover the entire spectrum of Java programming skills

SQL Server

Sound SQL Server skills are a must for application and web developers. SQL server assessment tests in SkillRobo enable complete evaluation of candidate’s skills


Expertise in core python is desired for a number of software jobs. Python assessment tests from SkillRobo enable comprehensive testing of programming knowledge


IQ skill tests are a part of pre-employment evaluation process. SkillRobo provides an eclectic mix of engaging and interactive IQ assessment test questions

Software testing

Software testing is an integral part of application and product development. SkillRobo provides comprehensive software testing assessment tests


Sales personnel play a pivotal role in business development. SkillRobo provides comprehensive sales assessment tests that evaluate sales skills and behavioral traits


Android developers are in great demand in the software development market. Android assessment tests from SkillRobo enable quick and easy hiring of talented developers

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is a necessary personality trait for most job profiles. SkillRobo provides holistic personality assessments which include attention to detail assessment test

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is an important aspect of pre-employment evaluation tests. SkillRobo provides the right mix of cognitive and verbal reasoning assessment tests


Courtesy is a very important soft skill for candidates working in people-facing roles. Personality and behavioral traits based tests in SkillRobo include courtesy assessment tests


jQuery skills coupled with JavaScript is a powerful combination in the job market. SkillRobo enables you to hire skilled candidates through jQuery assessment test


Making dynamic and interactive websites requires strong PHP skills. Evaluate the PHP skills of candidates through customizable PHP assessment tests from SkillRobo


Safety professionals are hired by several organizations to maintain safety standards in their company. Customizable skill library in SkillRobo enables thorough safety assessment tests


Highly skilled marketing professionals are valuable assets to an organization. Communication ability, problem solving skills, and interpersonal skills are evaluated in marketing assessment tests

Project Management

Project managers shoulder important responsibilities in running a business. SkillRobo enables efficient evaluation of managerial skills through project management assessment tests

MS Excel

Knowledge of MS Excel is a basic computer skill expected from candidates. MS Excel assessment tests in SkillRobo evaluate the skills thoroughly

Business Etiquette

Business etiquette is an essential business skill for maintaining professionalism at workplaces. Business etiquette assessment tests in SkillRobo evaluate soft skills of candidates

Logical Reasoning

Evaluation of logical reasoning is an integral part of personality assessment in pre-employment tests. SkillRobo enables comprehensive logical reasoning assessment

Numerical Reasoning

Good numerical reasoning abilities are a must for different levels of employment, from freshers to experienced candidates. Numerical reasoning skill assessment from SkillRobo

MS Word

Knowledge of MS word is considered a basic computer skill for job applicants. SkillRobo offers a complete suite of MS Word assessment tests

MS PowerPoint

Working on MS PowerPoint is a must have skill for employees. SkillRobo provides a comprehensive MS PowerPoint assessment test for pre-employment evaluation

General Aptitude

Evaluating general aptitude sheds light on the soft skills of candidate. SkillRobo provides general aptitude assessment tests for evaluating interpersonal skills


HRM is an important business function that takes care of employees. SkillRobo enables fast and efficient evaluation of candidates through HRM assessment tests

Customer Service

Customer service personnel are the face of the business. Customer service assessment tests from SkillRobo enable holistic evaluation of people skills of candidates


Leadership in any organization makes key strategic decisions. SkillRobo makes hiring for leadership roles easy and quick through leadership assessment tests

Competitive English

Evaluating competitive English skills is important for any job that involves a good deal of communication. Competitive English assessment tests in SkillRobo


Salesforce developers are in great demand in the job market. The Salesforce assessment test from SkillRobo enables comprehensive candidate evaluation

Amazon web Services

Amazon Web Services skills are trending in the job market. Amazon Web Services assessment tests from SkillRobo enable comprehensive evaluation of candidate capabilities

Machine Learning

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence together are at the frontline of technological innovations. You can evaluate candidates thoroughly through SkillRobo’s machine

Electrical Engineering

A job in electrical engineering requires good domain knowledge and technical skills. The electrical engineering assessment test from SkillRobo ensures complete evaluation

Plant Engineering

Managing a plant requires good engineering and management skills. SkillRobo enables complete evaluation of these skills through plant engineering assessment tests


Finance is the epicenter of any business. Accurate and consistent handling of financial transactions is essential. Test all the essential finance skills

Petroleum Engineering

Working as a petroleum engineer requires both domain knowledge and hands on technical skill. Petroleum engineering assessment tests from SkillRobo

Civil Engineering

Mathematical and scientific abilities and project management skills are among the various skills Civil engineers are tested for. Civil engineering assessment tests


Accountants are forever crunching on numbers. The accounting assessment tests from SkillRobo enable complete evaluation of accounting and finance skills

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing requires a host of skills, from keyword research to data analysis. The digital marketing assessment test from SkillRobo enables complete evaluation

Opeartions & Supply Chain

Operations and supply chain management is very important to run a business. SkillRobo enables the hiring team to screen effectively with comprehensive operations


Apart from domain expertise, pharmacists need to have good communication and customer service skills. Pharmaceutical assessment tests from SkillRobo

Medical Lab Technician

Medical lab technicians have to display skills like accuracy and consistency as they deal with crucial medical investigations. SkillRobo offers customizable tests


Navigating through challenging situations is everyday routine for paramedics. Hiring paramedics is made easy with pre-employment paramedics assessment tests

React JS

Building efficient mobile and web applications require React JS skills. SkillRobo provides a complete suite of React JS assessment tests for pre-employment screening

Library science

Organizational skills and attention to details are some of the skills expected from candidates in library science. SkillRobo offers fully customizable

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