HR Trainee Skill Test

HR trainees or HR assistants work under HR managers to post and remove job advertisements, schedule interviews, and gather pertinent payroll data. They need strong HRM and reasoning skills to perform well in their role. The HR trainee assessment test from SkillRobo includes key skill assessments customized for the role of HR trainee. The pre-hire assessment tool also provides remote proctoring features through the secure browser test environment.

About the test

HR trainees join at the entry level and assist the HR department in all its activities. They need to have job-related skills and soft skills like attention to detail, communication and reasoning skills. The HR assistant test from SkillRobo has been customized to evaluate all the skills essential to perform well as a HR trainee. The HR trainee online test comprises 3 sections – HRM, general aptitude, and verbal reasoning. The link to the HR trainee aptitude test can be easily shared by the hiring team to the candidate via email.

Once the test is complete the section-wise results are made available to the hiring team so that they can make the right choice. Fraud or cheating during the test is prevented by the secure browser environment in which the test is conducted. Comprehensive candidate evaluation ensures that the chosen candidate has the right job-related skills and behavioral traits for the role.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 18
  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About HR Trainee Role

HR trainees play an entry level role in the HR function. They provide administrative support to the HR department by taking care of scheduling interviews, shortlisting candidates, and gathering HR data. They assist HR managers in their work.

Nature of work:

an entry level role that involves admin duties in the HR function, shortlisting candidate profiles, and data gathering

Work hours:

during training HR trainees need to put in additional hours beyond normal work hours. Post training they work within normal work hours


HR trainees are required in all types of organizations, from IT to educational institutes to engineering/manufacturing companies

Scope of work:

assisting the HR department in admin work, managing job postings, scheduling tests and interviews, and planning events

Educational qualification:

a Bachelor’s degree in HRM or related fields. Should be adept in all Microsoft applications and HR applications


HR trainees are trained under the HR manager to learn all the HR systems and processes followed by the company

Scope of the HR Assistant skills assessment test

Human resource Management

Candidates are evaluated on their human resource management skills

General Aptitude

Candidates must be evaluated on their general aptitude

Verbal reasoning

Candidates must be evaluated on verbal reasoning skills

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
Best Talent?

The pre-hire HR trainee assessment test from SkillRobo ensures thorough evaluation of the skills and competencies of potential hires for the role of a HR trainee. Here are the key differentiators:

Instant reports and analytics

Section-wise performance reports are provided instantly to the hiring team to make informed hiring decisions.

Customized tests

SkillRobo provides a wide array of skill assessments that can be fully customized according to the skill requirements of the role.

Variety of tests

SkillRobo provides a wide range of tests for roles across industries.

Online test administration

The skill assessments in SkillRobo can be easily shared as online links with prospects via email.

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