Operations and Supply Chain.

Online assessment for operations and supply chain management.
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Operations & Supply chain

The operations and supply chain management in every industry is responsible for ensuring the raw materials are collected, production is handled, quality control and delivery to the respective agents. A long list of individuals are involved in the process who are responsible for handling tasks at different levels and they are monitored by top level managers.

SkillRobo tests are a combination of questions inspired from real-life operations and situations where timely decision making plays an integral role in building brand management and customer relationships. The tests are conducted online and apart from the pre-defined template questions available on the platform, users also have the option to make special requests in order to further customize the questions based on individual organizational requirements.

  • Trainee – Operations & Supply chain – The entry level job role where a trainee has to spend considerable time to understand the operations and how the supply chain works.
  • Apprentice – Operations & Supply Chain – An improvement over the trainee role, the apprentice is still in his/her learning phase of understanding the in and out of the operations handled in the company on a daily basis.
  • Mid-level and Senior Associate – Operations & Supply chain – The operations and supply chain comprise of a wide range of industries, including both manufacturing and service wings. The senior and mid-level associate are responsible for sourcing materials, both software and hardware based on the industry while managing distribution, logistics and demand forecasting.
  • Mid-level Manager – Operations & Supply Chain – The overall supply chain will be managed by mid-level and higher level managers as they are responsible for establishing a cordial relationship with vendors and distributors. They should also manage logistics strategy, operations and ensure productivity.
  • Operations & Supply Chain Planner – The planner is responsible for handling forecasting requirement, sending requests to managers to procure materials as required and ensure the company is ready to meet demands when the situation arise.
  • Operations & Supply Chain Consultant – The consultant for the operations and supply chain will be in-charge of managing documents, understanding industry trends and providing valuable feedback to the marketing team and top management helping them reach maximum productivity while promoting overall improvement.
Test Details

The test questions are prepared by Subject Matter Experts, commonly known as SMEs who have extensive experience in the industry. The test template will remain the same for different types of job roles but the type of questions and their complexity will vary based on whether the candidate is attempting for a job role in junior, middle or senior level in an organization.

Test Description

SkillRobo tests are custom made at every point to provide the most accurate results in order to help the human resources team make informed decisions. The tests are conducted on a web browser which is accessible for any candidate, irrespective of their location. The environment is safe to avoid to ensure the candidate doesn’t use any illegal methods to score higher and the questions can be subscribed based on the skill level you are hiring for, to fill up an existing job role in your organization.

Steps to Take the Test

  1. Sign up for the number of different tests for which you are hiring candidate for
  2. Send the link to the candidate or provide them in-house for walk-in interviews
  3. The credits are deducted only when the test begins
  4. Test is conducted in a safe browser environment and there is no need to download any additional software
  5. Let the candidate complete the test and you will immediately receive the reports

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