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Operations and supply chain management personnel ensure that inventory, product development, project management, and fulfillment operations are efficiently carried out across locations. Supply chain and operations managers, supply chain consultants, and store managers are the key roles in supply chain management. Hiring for each role requires customized assessments so that key skills and competencies are evaluated thoroughly. The supply chain management skills assessment from SkillRobo can be shared via an online link to the prospective hires.

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The pre-employment tests for operations & supply chain in
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Supply Chain

About the Operations and Supply Chain Skills Assessment Test

Operations and supply chain management takes care of the business’s presence in the retailers, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. The supply chain assessment test from SkillRobo ensures that the key skills required for supply chain management personnel are thoroughly evaluated. The supply chain analyst test comprises multiple choice questions in operations and supply management, general aptitude, and verbal and logical reasoning. The pre-employment assessments for operations & supply chain provide instant reports and analytics to the hiring team so that they can choose the right candidate for the role.

The test is conducted in a secure browser environment that prevents fraudulent practices during the exam. The link to the test can be easily shared with the prospective hire via email so that they can take up the test from any convenient location.

The operations & supply chain assessment test from SkillRobo evaluates candidates in the following areas:

1. Operations and Supply chain

knowledge of supply chain and operations is a must

2. General Aptitude

the candidate must display superior general aptitude for the role

3. Verbal and Logical reasoning

good reasoning skills are a must for prospective hires

4. Business Etiquette

good business etiquette is a must for store managers

5. Sales

store managers must have superior sales skills

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