Employee Assessment Tests

What is an Employee Assessment?

Employee assessment is a process of examining your employees’ skills before or after recruitment. The process involves rating their skills in different subjects and in turn giving them opportunities based on the answers they provide during the assessment.

Employee assessments have the power to make or break an organization’s future plans. If done right, it could significantly boost productivity because hiring the right people can give your team and company the much required intellectual support.

Hiring the wrong person could have lots of consequences such as lost productive hours, time and will delay reaching the organization’s future goals. It is because of this reason that having streamlined employee assessment programs in place before starting the hiring process is important.

A requirement for scouting the right talent, hiring people, providing them with the necessary training and getting them onboard exists in every industry.

employee assessment process

Some of the most prominent industries that could benefit by streamlining the hiring process include,

  • BPO/ KPO
  • IT firms
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing Firms
  • Call Centers
  • Customer Care Centers

Features to Look For in Employee Assessment Software

Automated and Expansive Application

The application tool of your choice should be capable of handling automated solutions to filter out selected candidates. Those who don’t clear the rounds should be removed from the list. It should also be able to handle bulk quantities of testing at the same time to shortlist the right candidates.

Pre-Employment Screening

The software should make it easier to manage pre-employment skills tests by allowing the administrator to specify set rules, requirements the candidates should meet and accept or reject them based on their eligibility. It saves time, improves the hiring process and helps manage large groups.

Why Choose SkillRobo for Employee Assessments?

SkillRobo is designed for everyone, whatever the type of business or organization you run there will always be a requirement to hire talented employees onboard.

With the help of an employee assessment software program, you can decrease turnover while boosting the quality of employees being hired, ensure better productivity and maintain consistency in the hiring process.

Every time your company makes a big leap in the highly competitive business environment, they should be powered by talented employees. It is a small investment that you make now that will lead to big returns in the future.

Hiring a talented employee to do a job today is just the beginning as they are the managers, VPs and CTOs of tomorrow to lead your dream towards the right direction.

It’s Time to Implement SkillRobo!

Know more about how SkillRobo pre-employment assessment tool is equipped with a range of skill-based tests to choose from, uses the power of computerization to streamline the hiring process.

SkillRobo is also equipped with a fully customizable testing system that the administrator can use for every industry, different types of requirements and choose the most talented employees.

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