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Office administrators need to display a wide range of skills and possess the ability to handle crisis situations. Online administrative skills assessment tests from SkillRobo enable rapid and effective screening of candidate profiles. Role-based tests can be curated by the users from the comprehensive skill library from SkillRobo.

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Key Skills required for Office Administrator roles

Online office admin skill assessments tests from SkillRobo evaluate key skill requirements


Office admin roles require multi-tasking capabilities to manage multiple tasks efficiently

Effective Communication

Office administrators require good verbal and written communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Office administrators need to have strong interpersonal skills

Key Functions of the Office Administrator Role

Office administration involves the supervision and management of day-to-day operations of an office. The operating structure of the organization decides the key functions that an office administrator needs to execute on a daily basis.

Supervision of office staff:

Office admins need to ensure that each employee is equipped with the necessary resources to carry out their work. They also provide troubleshooting assistance in unusual scenarios. In some special cases, the office admin also takes care of employee grievances.

Front office management:

Managing telephone calls directing them to the right personnel, and handling basic enquiries are some of the functions in front office management. Sorting of emails received by the office ID and directing them to appropriate teams.

Office supply management:

Monitoring the office supply inventory and ordering replacements is an important function of office admin. Ensuring that the purchases for office supplies are within the allotted budget is also a function of office admin.

Managing appointments of top management:

Managing the schedule and appointments of leadership also comes under the radar of office admin responsibilities.

Office Administration Roles

Administrative Secretaries and Assistants

Administrative and clerical duties are performed by administrative assistants and secretaries. Customer support, scheduling appointments, organizing meetings, and bookkeeping tasks are some of the functions performed.

Financial Clerks

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing are the functions performed by them. Maintenance and creation of the company’s finance records are included.

Executive assistants

Providing support to top executives. They are assigned to individual members in the leadership.

General office assistants

Answering telephones, creating and maintaining documents, and assisting clients.

Information clerks

Gathering information to help company by searching databases, maintaining records, and retrieving files.


Are the first point of contact for clients and customers. Handle customers, phone calls, and provide clarifications on organizations.

Evaluation for Office Administrator Role

Office admin are the face of the business to clients and consumers. Facing customers in person and handling their telephone calls and email correspondence forms the core of office admin work. They also handle office staff and ensure that their work is uninterrupted. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and multi-tasking abilities are required for performing office administrative roles.

Administrative assessment tests cover all the essential aspects of the office admin hiring process. Communication skills, behavioral traits, job-related skills, and cognitive ability are tested in online administrative skills assessment tests.

SkillRobo tests office admin candidates in the following areas:

  • Communication skills – Verbal and written skills assessment test
  • Multitasking ability – Must have skills for office admins
  • Psychological skills – Ability to handle crisis situations
  • Organizational skills – Ability to organize and execute work

Key Differentiators


Customizable Test Library:

administrative skill test provides a fully customizable test library for evaluating relevant skills of office administrative roles.


Online assessment :

online office assistant skills assessment test link is sent via email and can be taken from anyplace


Secure test environment

the office administrator assessment test is conducted in a safe browser test environment ensures safe and secure test administration


Reporting and Analytics

instant reports and analytics of the test performance is sent to the hiring team.

Rapid and efficient office admin hiring with SkillRobo.

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