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Customizable Customer Service and Support Skill Assessment Tests

The customer service and support department is the face of the business. Efficient and quick handling of customer queries and complaints is the main focus of this department. SkillRobo helps hire the right customer service personnel with the skills and personality traits required for the role. Online Customer Service and Support skills assessment tests allow convenient test administration for the HR department.

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Key Skills of Customer Service
and Support Personnel

SkillRobo evaluates key skills of customer service personnel


excellent verbal and written communication is a must

Problem solving

ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently is required

Listening skills

ability to listen attentively to understand customer query


ability to empathize with the customer’s situation is essential

Product knowledge

thorough knowledge of the product or service is a must

Key Functions of Customer
Service and Support

Resolving customer queries/complaints:
customer service executives handle customer queries and complaints. They need to be good listeners who pay attention to minute details provided by the customer.
Onboarding Assistance:
some organizations outsource their onboarding process to customer support groups. These groups provide complete guidance on the onboarding process for vendors, new hires, and new customers.
product/service companies use customer support services to resolve customer issues while using their product/service. Complete knowledge of the product/service is essential for this role.
Call centers and support:
providing helpful information, answering customer queries, and responding to complaints are some of the functions of customer service and support. Good listening and communication skills are a must to work in customer service.
Email support:
emails from customers requesting information or lodging complaints are answered by the customer service team. Email responses are provided for resolving their issues, clarifying on requested information, or routing it to the concerned authority.

Roles in Customer Service and Support

Customer service representative

customer service representatives resolve issues, take orders, handle returns, and proactively provide information about the company’s offerings.

Call center agent

Answering inbound calls, resolving complaints, processing transactions, and generating customer interest in products offered by the company are their responsibility.

Customer service supervisor

overseeing the work of junior customer service representatives and successful onboarding and training of new service agents are part of their job

Customer service manager

supervision of customer service teams, successful onboarding, training of new hires, and contributing to the hiring process are their duties

Customer support engineer

they specialize in troubleshooting technical issues with the product or services by researching, diagnosing, and identifying solutions.

Customer support representative

responding to customer’s queries and resolving the product or services issues is part of customer support representative work.

Customer success manager

they focus on long term business success by building strong customer relationships and helping them realize the full potential of the company’s offerings

Evaluating for Customer Service and Support Roles

The customer service and support department plays a crucial role in business growth and sustainability. Handling customer queries and resolving complaints requires good product/service knowledge and soft skills like empathy, resourcefulness, and problem-solving abilities. SkillRobo is a comprehensive pre-employment skill assessment test that covers a wide range of skills based on roles across various industries.

The fully customizable skill library in SkillRobo allows the HR team to create tailor-made skill assessments. The online Customer Service and Support Skills Assessment tests come with fraud and cheating prevention features.

SkillRobo helps evaluate:

  • Communication skills: – both verbal and written communication skills are tested
  • Interpersonal skills: – personality traits like empathy, resourcefulness, etc. are tested
  • Problem solving skills: – problem solving skills for resolving customer issues are tested
  • Cognitive ability: – ability to comprehend the customer issue is tested

Key Differentiators

Hire effectively for customer service and support roles with SkillRobo.


What types of tests are available for customer service personnel?2021-10-26T07:33:00+05:30

The customer service call center assessment test from SkillRobo enables the hiring team to evaluate candidates based on their role and skill level. Apart from job-related skills, there are tests to evaluate personality traits, cognitive ability, logical and analytical reasoning, problem solving skills, etc.

What types of customer service roles can be evaluated in SkillRobo?2021-10-26T07:33:25+05:30

The customer service assessment tool can be used to evaluate candidates for various roles and skill level across industries. Roles like call center agent, customer service supervisor, customer support engineer, customer success manager, customer support representative, etc can be evaluated.

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