Role-Based Online HR and
Management Skill Assessment Tests

The human resource department and management have varied resource requirements. From human resource manager to HR executive, all the roles in between require extensive recruitment efforts to hire the right candidate. Using online HR and management skills assessment tests like what SkillRobo provides, helps sift through thousands of profiles and shortlist candidates with the right skills effectively.

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Must Have Skills and Traits for HR and Management Professionals

SkillRobo enables effective and rapid skill-based screening of HR and Management profiles

Interpersonal Skills

Having good interpersonal skills is a must for HR professionals

Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Good spoken and written communication is essential for HR personnel

Internet and Computer Usage

Reasonable knowledge of the Internet and Computer usage is a must for all HR roles

Organizational Skills

Managerial candidates need to exhibit good organizational skills

Decision-making ability

Making quick and tactical business decisions is a must have trait for managerial candidates.

Key Functions of the Human Resource
Department and Management

Human Resource Planning:

Identifying and planning resource requirements within the organization is a crucial function of the HR department. The HR manager discusses resource requirements with various department heads to identify resource requirements. The manager comes up with a plan to fill resource requirements through internal and external resource hiring.


Resource requirements that cannot be filled from the internal talent pool are opened to recruitment. HR executives take care of sourcing the right candidates for the profile and conducting HR and management assessment tests to screen profiles. Scheduling interviews for candidates who clear the pre-employment screening tests is the next step in the recruitment process. Rolling out the offer and onboarding are the final steps in the recruitment process.

Compensation and Benefits:

Managing the career of hired candidates is an important HR function that helps retain talent within the organization. The HR team ensures that the compensation and benefits match the expectations of the employee and are also within the organizational budget.

Performance management:

Effective performance management ensures that workers stay engaged and productive. Conducting annual performance reviews using 360-degree feedback tools helps evaluate the performance of employees.

Learning and development:

Empowering employees with the skills required for future roles is the responsibility of the human resource department. Online HR and Management assessment tests used during the recruitment process help identify the areas in which candidates require training.

Human Resource and Management Roles

Human Resource Manager

Takes important recruitment decisions like resource requirement planning, human resource budgeting, and rolling out offer letters for top managerial positions.

HR Executives

Are in-charge of end-to-end hiring process, employee onboarding, and talent retention in the organization.

Project managers

Are in-charge of handling projects, resource allocation and availability, and ensuring timely completion of work.

Evaluation of Human Resources and
Management Requirements

Hiring human resource personnel and management personnel is vital for the organization’s success. The most important skill that HR personnel are required to have is communication skills. Having top-notch verbal and written communication skills enables the HR team to understand skill requirements and express their ideas clearly.

HR and management assessment tests cover all the essential aspects of the human resource and management recruitment process. Communication ability, behavioral traits, cognitive ability, and job-related skills can be tested effectively by online HR and management skills assessment tests.

HR and management skills assessment test in SkillRobo is suitable for evaluating managers and HR executives at various skill levels.

  • Organizational skills
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to conduct interviews
  • Psychological skills to understand and assess candidates and retain them
  • Making timely decisions on recruitment

Key Differentiators


Comprehensive test library

The HR skills assessment test library for evaluating HR and managerial skills covers all the necessary skills and behavioral skills of HR personnel.


Online test

The recruitment team can send the link to test candidates via email.


Secure test environment

Candidates can easily take up the test in a safe browser environment.


Reporting and Analytics

Once the candidate completes the HR and management skills assessment test, the results are available for immediate viewing of the recruitment team.

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