Role-based Online Procurement Skill Assessment Tests

The procurement department plays a critical role in business operations and growth. Hiring for this department requires procurement assessment tests that enable holistic evaluation of candidate profiles. The fully customizable test library in SkillRobo can be customized as per the role and skill level. SkillRobo empowers the recruitment team to screen hundreds of procurement profiles easily to identify the right fit for the requirement.

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Important Skills Required for
Procurement Roles

Online procurement skills assessment tests evaluates key skill requirements

Vendor management

procurement personnel should be capable of establishing and maintaining strong vendor relationships

Market research

procurement personnel need to stay updated on market trends and procurement technology

Financial skills

procurement personnel need to have good financial skills for handling payment requests and invoices

Interpersonal skills

procurement personnel need to have strong interpersonal skills to work in the team and interact with suppliers

Organizational skills

procurement personnel need to stay organized and pay attention to details

Key Functions in Procurement

The procurement department covers a wide range of functions that are related to the company’s purchase and supplier management. The main intent of the procurement function is to ensure uninterrupted supply of material requirements, compliance to regulations, and risk management. The key functions in procurement include:

once a requirement has been identified, the procurement team needs to work on sourcing the goods/services. A list of approved suppliers is looked up for goods or services that are purchased earlier. For new items a new list of vendors needs to be created.
Purchase of goods/services:
purchase of goods or services required by the business is the main function of the procurement department. Once a purchase request is raised the procurement department processes the purchase order for procuring the required items. Upon fulfillment of the PO, the procurement department raises an invoice that is approved by the finance department.
Managing the procurement cycle:
the procurement cycle manages internal purchase processes, supplier relationships, and compliance. Procurement personnel need to monitor and manage the entire lifecycle.
Vendor management:
establishing and managing vendor relationships is an important procurement function. The procurement department usually maintains a vendor database for procuring goods and services.
Budgeting and forecasting:
the procurement manager needs to create a budget and forecast the expenses for the procurement department.

Procurement Roles

The roles in the procurement department depend on the size of enterprise and scope of business. Some of the important roles in the procurement department are:

Procurement manager or Purchasing Manager

the procurement or purchase manager is in charge of the entire procurement operations. Procurement managers need to have domain expertise in procurement, negotiation skills, team management skills, chain management experience, interpersonal and communication skills.

Purchasing clerk

most of the documentation work in the purchase process like preparing purchase requests, purchase orders, and invoices are taken care of by purchase clerks. Handling all customer and supplier inquiries is also carried out by purchasing clerks. Clerical and math skills are a must for this position.

Purchasing administrative assistant

administrative assistants in the procurement department take care of much more than just clerical work. They help in choosing new vendors and performing analysis on procurement data. Interpersonal skills and attention to detail, and clerical skills are required for this role.

Evaluation for Procurement Role

The procurement department takes care of all the purchase related transactions, risk management, and compliance management for the business. Staying updated on the latest market trends through market analysis and research is an essential skill that procurement personnel need to have in order to make informed buying decisions.

Procurement assessment tests from SkillRobo evaluate all the skills required for procurement personnel. Not just the domain expertise, but important behavioral traits are also evaluated thoroughly in the online procurement skills assessment tests. Communication assessment tests, cognitive ability assessment tests, and finance assessment tests are some of the evaluations carried out.

SkillRobo online procurement skills assessment tests evaluate:

  • Domain skills – complete knowledge of procurement functions
  • Communication skills – ability to interact with and engage vendors and customers
  • Logical reasoning – ability to take logical decisions during crisis situations
  • Math skills – ability to handle numeric calculations

Key Differentiators

Quick and Effective procurement screening with SkillRobo .


Who can take the procurement skill assessment test?2021-10-25T11:15:39+05:30

The online procurement skills assessment test from SkillRobo has been designed to evaluate role-based skills of procurement personnel. The hiring team shares the link to prospective candidates via email. Candidates with the link to the procurement skills assessment test can take up the test.

What kind of roles can be evaluated by the skill assessment test?2021-10-25T11:16:04+05:30

SkillRobo provides a variety of skill and role-based tests that can be used to evaluate candidates for diverse positions across industries. From procurement manager assessment test to procurement analyst assessment test to purchasing clerk – prospective candidates for various roles in procurement can take up the evaluation.

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