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Efficient and Quick Hiring with Online Quality Skills Assessment Test

Quality control (QC) is critical for keeping the business running efficiently and maintaining compliance with industry specific regulations. Performing regular inspections and tests on product or service offerings of a company is the main focus of the quality control department. Quality assessment tests from SkillRobo enable comprehensive evaluation of job-related and behavioral skills of candidates.

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Must have skills for
Quality Control Personnel

SkillRobo evaluates key skills for Quality Control personnel

Attention to detail

Quality control personnel need to have a keen eye for details

Logical and analytical skills

Strong logical and analytical skills are a must for QAs

Use of data analysis tools

Quality analysts must have knowledge of data analysis tools

Problem solving

Strong problem solving skills are a must for quality analysts

Key Functions of Quality Control

Testing is the most basic function in quality control. Manufacturing processes are tested at various stages to ensure that production quality is consistent all through the process. Quality tests are performed for services as well.
Quality control specialist monitors and test processes on a regular basis. Repeated testing and recording of all the processes help analyze quality trends in the process.
An audit of the company’s processes and policies is regularly conducted by the QC department to ensure compliance with regulations. The quality of the process is also reviewed regularly by quality control personnel.
The findings of quality inspections are reported to the management through quality control specialist reports. The high incidence of discrepancies in the report indicates that the processes need to be relooked at.

Roles in Quality Control

Quality Analyst

Initiating and coordinating quality related data gathered from the production or service process improvement activities is the primary responsibility of a quality analyst. Knowledge of statistical techniques is a must for this role.

Quality Associate

Quality associates are involved in quality improvement projects. They usually work on a part-time or contract basis and do not get involved in traditional quality management and assurance activities.

Quality Auditor

In-charge of performing internal and external audits on the processes followed by the company. Preparation of an audit report containing the details of the audit findings is also their responsibility.

Quality Inspector

Conducting inspections and audits and reporting on materials and processes is the responsibility of the quality inspector. They should know how to use various measurement techniques and devices to inspect quality to ensure the conformance of products and services to the company’s quality standards.

Quality Engineer

In-charge of designing, installing, and evaluating quality assurance process sampling systems. Designing or specifying inspection and testing mechanisms and equipment. Conducting training on quality assurance for the product team is also the responsibility of the quality engineer.

Quality Manager

A quality manager is in-charge of the operations within the quality control department. Ensuring that the administration of a company’s quality, processes, or business improvement efforts are well defined is part of the manager’s profile. Also responsible for dealing with customers and suppliers on quality issues.

Evaluation for Quality Control Roles

The quality control department plays a critical role in ensuring that the department or processes meet minimum quality and compliance standards. Quality control personnel need to have a keen eye for detail, a complete understanding of data measurement devices, analytical skills, and communication skills. SkillRobo enables comprehensive evaluation of all these skills so that the right candidate is hired.

A fully customizable skill library allows HR to administer role-based online pre-employment assessments to candidates. A safe and secure browser environment ensures that fraud and prevention checks are in place while the candidates take the test.

Online quality skill assessment tests from SkillRobo evaluate:

  • Job related skills – complete knowledge of quality control measures
  • Communication skills: – verbal and written communication skills
  • Eye for details: – attention to details while inspecting and testing products
  • Analytical skills: – strong analytical and logical skills are needed

Key Differentiators

Quick and Efficient Hiring for Quality Control Personnel with SkillRobo.


What are quality assessment tests?2021-10-26T05:44:36+05:30

Pre-employment quality skill assessment tests are skill-based and personality-based evaluation of potential hires. These tests can be used by the hiring team for comprehensive evaluation of candidates for various roles in quality assessments.

How effective are quality assessment skill tests?2021-10-26T05:44:59+05:30

Quality assurance skills assessment tests are useful hiring tools that enable recruiters to screen several candidate profiles effectively. These tests ensure holistic evaluation of job-related and personality traits that are needed to excel in the role for which they are being hired.

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