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Comprehensive Online Research and development skills assessment tests

The Research and Development Department is associated with research on new products and services. Innovative and intuitive candidates are a good fit for working in this department. SkillRobo enables HR to conduct role-based assessments for the research and development department. The research and development assessment tests help in a complete evaluation of job-related skills and behavioral traits.

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Must-Have Skills for working
in the R&D Department

SkillRobo helps evaluate essential skills to work as R&D Personnel

Attention to Detail

R&D personnel need to have a keen eye for details

Logical and analytical reasoning

strong logical and analytical skills are a must for R&D

Independent working

R&D personnel must be able to work independently on projects

Time management

good time management skills between multiple assignments is a must

Team worker

should be able to work and coordinate with multiple teams

Functions of Research and
Development Department

New Product Research:
the research and development department thoroughly studies the potential new product that a business plans to develop. Also involves determination of market viability of the product, product specifications, production timeline and costs.
New Product Development:
research on new products is the basis for developing the product. The research data provides inputs for new product development. And ensures that the product meets the product guidelines and regulatory specifications.
Existing Product Updates:
The functional and market relevance of the product is periodically reviewed by the research and development department to identify potential changes and upgrades.
Quality control checks:
quality checks on products developed by the company are often conducted by the R&D department. Armed with complete knowledge of specifications and requirements of the project, quality checks are conducted.
Innovation and Staying Aligned to Trends:
analysis of competitive market trends so that the business remains competitive is conducted by the research and development department. Development and update of products is based on the gathered information.

Roles in Research and Development Department

R&D Manager

the manager of the Research and Development department is responsible for research, planning, overseeing new product development, and implementing new programs. The entire new product and program development is managed by the R&D manager.

R&D Engineer

research and development engineers are responsible for designing and testing product concepts and redesigning existing products. Their technical knowledge and math skills are utilized to create functional products.

Design Consultant

design consultants are responsible for suggesting product design ideas that integrate form, aesthetics, and functionality. Knowledge of design software and the ability to understand client requirements are a must for a design consultant.

Design Engineer

the research and design of new products and systems for the company is taken care of by the design engineer. Drafting blueprints, creating test prototypes, and overseeing the product manufacture are some of the responsibilities of a design engineer.

Product Designer

product designers work with the industrial team to create products. They also analyze market and competitor trends, design new products, improve, or upgrade existing products, and find economic product manufacture methods.

Evaluation of Research and Development Roles

The research and development department is responsible for the growth of the company. Bringing innovation into the company’s offering by way of new products or upgrades to existing products is the main focus of this department.

SkillRobo is an online pre-employment assessment software that provides fully customizable tests that can be modified as per the role and skill requirement. In addition to job related skills, SkillRobo can be used to evaluate math and analytical skills, cognitive ability, attention to detail, team spirit, and organizational skills.

Online research and development skills assessments tests help evaluate:

  • Job-related skills: – knowledge of R&D functions is tested
  • Critical reasoning: – sound reasoning and lateral thinking abilities are tested
  • Math and analytical abilities: – depth of math and analytical skills is tested
  • Communication skills: – verbal and written communication skills are tested

Key Differentiators

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What kind of roles in research and development are evaluated in assessment tests?2021-10-26T05:54:03+05:30

SkillRobo is a pre-employment skill assessment testing software that helps evaluate various roles and skill levels across industries. The research and development skill test can be used to assess skill levels of R&D manager, design consultant, design engineer, R&D engineer, etc.

What types of non-technical tests are provided in SkillRobo?2021-10-26T05:56:14+05:30

SkillRobo provides a variety of non-technical tests like psychometry tests, cognitive ability tests, logical and analytical reasoning tests, communication skill test, and problem solving skill tests.

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