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Intuitive Online Sales and Marketing Skill Assessment Tests

Hiring candidates for sales and marketing requires thorough evaluation of skills and personality traits. Using online sales and marketing skill assessment tests like what SkillRobo provides screens hundreds of candidate profiles effectively within a short duration. Fully customizable skill library equips users to create skill and role-based tests.

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Must Have Skills and Traits in
Sales and Marketing Professionals

SkillRobo enables rapid and effective skill-based screening of Sales and Marketing profiles

Relationship Building Skills

Sales and marketing professionals need to have strong relationship building skills that sell the brand

Storytelling Skills

Ability to weave an impressive and captivating brand story is a must for sales and marketing professionals

Market Research Skills

Sales and marketing personnel must have extensive research capabilities that enables them to stay updated on market trends and understand the product/service

Communication Skills

Top-notch written and verbal communication skills are a must for sales and marketing professionals

Key Functions in Sales and Marketing

Market Research:
Sales and marketing team has a heavy emphasis on market research, customer profile determination, product development, and brand management. Performing extensive market research is essential to understand the viability of the product/service.
Brand management:
The sales and marketing team works on a clear brand message and a story that highlights the key features of the product or service. References to the product or service happen through this brand story.
Marketing Communication:
Once the product is developed, the sales and marketing team need to create various marketing communication channels such as advertising, social media, public relations, and brand promotions.
Organizations in the B2B category adopt consultative selling. Sales personnel need to understand the client’s business in order to become a consultant. Knowledge of the client’s business helps the sales consultant teach the client how to use their product.
Sales management:
Sales management entails functions such as setting sales goals and quotas for sales representatives. Sales managers need to look at historical sales data, industry reports, and customer surveys to project sales demand.

Roles in Sales and Marketing

Sales Force Representatives

Sales development, training and sales force communication management are some of the responsibilities of sales force representatives. Sales representatives are expected to connect sales teams to relevant content, qualify and connect leads, and communicate updates.

Account executive

Bringing new business and closing final sales deals are the two main functions of account executives. Creating presentations, demonstrating sales plan, writing proposals, and negotiating terms with the client are the responsibilities of account executives.

Sales Admin

Sales administrators specialize in business domain knowledge. Helping and guiding sales reps and account executives is part of their responsibilities.

Sales Operations manager

Sales operations managers are the Chief of Sales Organization. They lead and supervise all the functions performed in the sales department.

Customer success reps

Focus on renewing sales by upselling and cross-selling different add-ons and product offering to consumers is what customer success reps do.

SEO specialist

In the era of digital marketing, SEO specialist occupies an important position in the marketing department. They help create marketing material for social media and search engines.

Marketing Manager

Overseeing the work performed by the team, guiding them, and aligning department goals with organizational goals are some of the responsibilities of marketing managers.

Evaluation for Sales and Marketing Roles

The sales and marketing department is responsible for taking the brand to market and acquiring leads. Hiring for this department needs scrutiny of marketing skills and interpersonal skills. Online sales and marketing skills assessment tests help evaluate all the requirements of the role and personality traits. SkillRobo provides a robust pre-employment assessment platform that helps evaluate a variety of job-related skills, cognitive ability, and communication ability of candidates.

What is a sales assessment test? Sales skill assessment test is an assessment of sales ability of the candidate and other skills required to perform well in the job. The test for selling skills must cover essential sales and marketing assessment areas like communication, research skills, negotiation skills, and product knowledge. The sales skills test can be customized for sales representative to manager assessment, by changing the questions as per role. The main aim of sales and marketing manager assessment is to evaluate the leadership of candidates along with sales ability assessment.

The sales profile test from SkillRobo helps the organization hire skilled and competent sales representatives and managers. The assessment test for sales job comprises of questions related to the job, cognitive ability, behavioural tendencies, work simulations, and math abilities. The sales and service assessment platform consists of sales personality test and sales skills test. Free trial of online sales skills assessment test lets organizations explore the effectiveness of the sales assessment test in finding the perfect fit.

SkillRobo helps assess candidates in the following areas:

  • Job related skills: – Evaluates the sales and marketing ability of candidate
  • Communication: – Verbal and written communication is thoroughly tested
  • Psychological traits: – Sales and marketing personnel need good interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills: – Ability of candidates to organize and execute their work is tested

Key Differentiators

Boost your Sales and Marketing Efforts by Hiring the Right Candidates with SkillRobo.


What are sales and marketing assessment tests?2021-10-25T10:56:35+05:30

Sales and marketing assessments are pre-employment tests that evaluate the key skills of sales and marketing personnel. Digital marketing skills assessment test are designed to test job-related skills, personality traits, and communication skills of candidates.

What are the types of sales and marketing skills assessment tests available?2021-10-25T10:57:27+05:30

Sales skills assessment tests and marketing assessment tests vary according to the role and type of skill for which candidates are being hired. Content marketing manager skills assessment, digital marketing skills test, and sales and marketing manager skills assessment, and sales representative skills assessment tests are some types of sales and marketing skill assessment testing.

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