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Software development has grown into a multi-million dollar industry providing top-notch software development services across industries. SkillRobo helps evaluate key skills of software professionals through customizable online software development skills assessment tests. The hiring team can sift through hundreds of software developer profiles within a short duration.

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Key Skills for Software Developers

SkillRobo helps evaluate key software developer skills

Updated Coding Skills

software developers must improve their coding skills by constantly updating them

Logical and Analytical reasoning

software development requires sound logical and analytical reasoning skills


strong problem-solving ability is a must for software developers

Interpersonal skills

software developers require strong interpersonal skills to work efficiently in teams

Communication skills

verbal and written communication software developers must be top-notch

Software Development Functions

Software development:

Increasing power of hardware and the consequent need for better and more feature oriented software to run hardware creates a demand for software developers. Software developers are concerned with the development of software that runs hardware and apps.

System analysis:

system analysis analyzes projects and ensures that software products are bug-free and function as per standard requirements. System analysts are in-charge of implementing software programs on compatible systems and work with end users to achieve desired results.

Software engineering:

software engineers work on complex software packages, which involves coding, debugging, and modifying existing code. They need to have a good understanding of the hardware and software.

Database management:

Database management involves the maintenance and management of the database used by software developers. This task requires high levels of diligence and intelligence for efficient management of databases.

Project management:

Project management covers functions such as managing software project plans, allocating budgets, allocating and managing human resources etc. are tasks for a project manager. Good management skills and problem solving techniques are essential for this role.

Quality assurance and testing:

the quality of software functions and standards need to be assessed during software development. Quality assurance and testing is an essential part of the software development process that ensures end users of the software have a hassle-free experience.

Roles in Software Development

Product owner

a senior level executive who has a clear vision of the product and ensures that the best value is delivered to the client. They need to have good application skills, technical knowledge, and excellent communication skills.

Business analyst

business analysts analyze the client requirements and translate into product features. Coordination between product owner and developers, communicating requirements clearly must have skills

Project Manager

supervising the development and testing team to ensure timely delivery of expected deliverables is the work of a project manager. Performing risk assessment, creating a project plan, and allocating resources are other tasks.

Technical Lead

a person with excellent coding skills and leadership qualities makes a perfect tech lead. They form the bridge between the top management and the development team. Thorough understanding of the product features is important

Software Developer

experienced and skilled software developers are needed in software development. Writing the code and working closely with designers, testers, and security engineers are main tasks of developers.

QA and Testing Engineer

software products need to be tested at various levels of development for quality assurance. Using the right testing tools, the software needs to be tested to ensure hitch free user experience

Evaluation of Software Development

Software development is a crucial business function across industries. Online software developer skills assessment tests enable the HR to screen hundreds of profiles quickly and choose the right candidate. Software developer Assessment test from SkillRobo can be fully customized as per the role.

SkillRobo helps evaluate:

  • Coding skills: – top-notch coding skills are a must for software developers
  • Logical and analytical reasoning: – strong logical and analytical skills are essential for developers
  • Problem solving skills: – good problem solving skills are essential for developers
  • Communication skills: – seamless communication skills are a must for developers

Key Differentiators


Online Tests:

software development skills assessment test from SkillRobo are convenient to administer to candidate’s irrespective geographical location. The hiring team receives a complete report on the candidate’s performance upon completion of the test.


Customizable tests:

SkillRobo provides role-based software assessments that can be customized according to the role and skill for which candidates are being hired. The hiring team can choose from a wide variety of tests according to the role and skill.


Thorough evaluation:

The test questions are a mix of job-related questions, cognitive ability, and behavioral traits. In addition to the job-related skills it is important to evaluate the personality traits in order to ensure that they are a good fit for the job.


Fraud prevention:

software development skills tests from SkillRobo are equipped with the fraud and cheating prevention feature that checks for malpractices while taking up the test. Online activities of the candidate are monitored while taking the test.

Hire top talent through software development assessment tests with SkillRobo.

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