Back Office Executive / Office Clerk

About Back Office Executive / Office Clerk

About Back Office Executive/Office Clerk

The work nature of back office executives or office clerks is non-client facing.
This department essentially provides support to the front-office or client facing roles.

Nature of work:
Handle non-client facing tasks like background work that helps the front office team in carrying out their duties, and data research.

Scope of work:
Tasks like maintaining and updating records, sorting and distributing mail correspondence, basic bookkeeping and invoices issuance.

Work hours:
The work hours of back office executives spans the working hours of the organization, in some cases weekends as well.

Back office executive roles are required in several industries like corporate offices, educational institutes, healthcare, and hospitality.

Educational qualification:
This role does not require a college degree, a high school diploma would suffice.

On-the-job training for back office executives or clerks empowers them to acquire skills like communication, multitasking, and time management.

About the test

The back office executive test from SkillRobo has been designed to evaluate prospective hires for the role of back office executive or office clerk. The test includes key assessment sections that focus on the essential skills that a back office executive/clerk should possess. Apart from evaluating the job-related skills of candidates, the office clerk assessment test evaluates soft skills like general aptitude, logical and analytical reasoning, and computer skills of candidates. The hiring team can derive useful insights about the candidate’s performance from the reports and analytics provided by the test.

Duration: 15 minutes

No. of questions: 16

Format: Multiple Choice Questions

Scope of the Back Office
Executive Assessment test

Logical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning General Aptitude MS Excel and MS Word
The back office executive assessment from SkillRobo evaluates the logical reasoning skills of prospective candidates The administrative clerk skills assessment test from SkillRobo helps evaluate the verbal reasoning skills of candidates. The general aptitude of candidates is evaluated by the office assistant assessment test. Competency in MS Excel and MS Word is a must to work as a back office executive.

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the Best Talent?

The back office executive assessment from SkillRobo enables comprehensive evaluation of prospective candidates.
The assessments include communication skills, behavioral traits, and job-related skills.

Key differentiators:

  • Instant reports and analytics –
    The hiring team derives section-wise reports and analytics on candidate performance instantly from SkillRobo.

  • Easy test administration –
    The hiring team can share the link easily with the candidates via email. The candidates simply need to click on the test link to access the test.

  • Complete evaluation –
    SkillRobo test library enables evaluation of all the skills necessary to perform the role of back office executive efficiently.

  • Customization –
    The tests in SkillRobo can be completely customized by the hiring team according to the role requirements.

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