Digital Marketing Manager Skill Test

The marketing manager skills test from SkillRobo has been carefully curated by subject matter experts to evaluate all the key skills and competencies required to perform well as a digital marketing manager. Hiring teams can use SkillRobo for quick and efficient hiring.

About Digital Marketing Manager Role

Digital marketing managers are incharge of maintaining and promoting the brand’s online presence and sales by working on various marketing campaigns. They research on the competitor sales strategies and work with other professionals for creating content for successful campaigns. A digital manager needs to have strong marketing skills and product knowledge/awareness.

Nature of work:
this is a managerial position that involves strategizing, planning, supervising, and coordinating with marketing personnel working in junior positions

Work hours:
digital marketing managers typically work during regular office hours. They might need to put in additional work hours while strategizing and planning phases

almost all organizations employ digital marketing teams. Digital marketing managers are required in corporations, educational institutions, and marketing firms

Scope of work:
planning and execution of digital marketing and advertising campaigns, design and build social media presence, and measure and report performance of campaigns

Educational qualification:
A BS/MS Degree in marketing and sales or related fields. Knowledge of website analytics, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing

digital managers are experienced in digital marketing and advertising campaigns. They might require training about the products/services delivered by the organization

About the test

The digital marketing manager test in SkillRobo has been designed specifically for evaluating skills and competencies of potential hires for the role of digital marketing manager. The questions included in the marketing manager skills test can be used for senior digital marketing manager skills assessment as well. The digital marketing manager skills assessment test has been designed for evaluating the applied skills of the potential hires gained through real work experiences rather than mere theoretical knowledge. The marketing manager online test from SkillRobo enables the hiring team to discover the true potential of the candidate by evaluating marketing and digital marketing skills, logical and verbal reasoning abilities, and general aptitude.

The pre-employment tests for digital marketing managers provide section wise performance reports and analytics so that the hiring team can make informed decisions about hiring the right candidate. The hiring team is aware of not only the marketing skills of potential hires, but also their behavioral tendencies, and personality traits of the candidate.

Duration: 15 minutes

No. of Questions: 24

Format: Multiple Choice Questions

Scope of the Digital marketing skills assessment

Digital Marketing Marketing General Aptitude Verbal reasoning Logical reasoning
Digital marketing skills assessment evaluates their marketing skills and knowledge of digital marketing Core marketing skills of candidates are evaluated in the marketing assessment The general aptitude of the potential hires is evaluated in this online assessment Verbal reasoning abilities of the candidates are evaluated in this test Digital marketing analytics online test evaluates the logical reasoning skills of potential hires

How SkillRobo helps hire the best talent?

The digital marketing manager test from SkillRobo ensures thorough evaluation of the skills and competencies of candidates,
which helps find the perfect fit for open positions within the organization.

  • Instant reports and analytics:
    section-wise performance reports are provided instantly to the hiring team to make informed hiring decisions.
  • Customized tests:
    SkillRobo provides a wide array of skill assessments that can be fully customized according to the skill requirements of the role.

  • Variety of tests:
    SkillRobo provides a wide range of tests for roles across industries.

  • Online test administration:
    the skill assessments in SkillRobo can be easily shared as online links with prospects via email. Candidates can take up the test at a convenient time from a convenient place.

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