Construction Engineer Skill Test

Construction engineers oversee large construction projects to build strong and long lasting infrastructure. To perform well as a construction engineer, key skills like civil, mathematical, and analytical skills are required. The online construction engineering assessment test from SkillRobo helps evaluate these skills in prospective hires. The link to the skill assessment is shared with the candidate via email.

About the test

Construction or Civil engineers manage the planning and design stages of construction projects. They need deep knowledge of Civil and structural engineering, mathematical and analytical skills to perform well in the role. The construction engineering assessment test is designed by subject matter experts to include key skill assessments for construction engineers. The test covers construction engineering questions, general aptitude, and logical reasoning. The construction engineering assessment skill test is conducted in a secure browser environment that prevents cheating or fraud.

The construction engineering assessment aptitude test provides instant reports and analytics to the hiring team, so that they can make informed hiring decisions. The test link can be easily shared with the prospective hire via email.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 20

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Construction Engineer Role

Construction engineers are in charge of large construction projects; they oversee the construction and inspect the project drawings and designs. They manage project schedules and resources, and also perform cost calculations.

Nature of work:

overseeing construction of residential projects and commercial projects, and design and inspection of project plans

Scope of work:

supervision of construction, design and inspection of construction plans, performing cost calculations and resource allocation

Work hours:

construction engineers work on construction assignments, and their work hours depend on the project they are work on


civil engineering firms, construction companies, structural engineering firms, Government construction companies

Educational qualification:

diploma or bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering or related fields, and an State approved Engineer’s license


at junior level, construction engineers need training on usage of equipment and systems, and use of operating software for systems

Scope of the pre-employment tests for construction engineering

Construction Engineering

Candidates are evaluated on their construction engineering skills

General Aptitude

Candidates are evaluated on their general aptitude

Logical Reasoning

Candidates are evaluated on logical reasoning skills

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The construction engineering assessment test from SkillRobo ensures that the candidate is evaluated on all the important skills required to perform well in the role. Here are the key differentiators:

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The skill assessments in SkillRobo can be easily shared as online links with prospects via email.

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