Petroleum Engineer Skill Test

Petroleum engineers work towards locating natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits and working out cost-effective and efficient methods of extracting petroleum. They need to have technical skills, analytical, and reasoning skills. The petroleum engineering assessment test from SkillRobo helps screen successful and efficient petroleum engineers from hundreds of profiles. Instant reports and analytics on candidate’s performance helps hiring teams make data-driven decisions.

About the test

Petroleum engineers need to have analytical, mathematical, and problem solving skills. The petroleum engineering assessment test from SkillRobo makes the hiring process simple and effective. The test comprises petroleum engineering, logical reasoning, and general aptitude tests. The link to the online petroleum engineering assessment test is shared with the prospective hire via email to take up the assessment at a convenient place and time.

The petroleum engineering assessment skill test ensures comprehensive candidate assessment. The performance report is provided to the hiring team immediately after the test. The candidate’s online activity is closely monitored all through the test to prevent fraud or cheating.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 20

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Petroleum Engineer Role

Petroleum engineers need to work with a team of specialists for locating natural reservoirs of petroleum deposits and to develop cost-effective and efficient methods for locating and extracting petroleum. They use principles of chemistry, mathematics, and geology for their work.

Nature of work:

locating natural reservoirs of petroleum and working out efficient methods of extracting petroleum

Scope of work:

analyzing, interpreting, and monitoring the geological formation data and generating computer simulated models

Work hours:

petroleum engineers do not have any fixed work hours. They work in shifts to locate the natural reservoirs


mining companies, petroleum manufacturers, oil and gas industry, and petrochemical industries

Educational qualification:

diploma or bachelor’s degree in petroleum, civil, mechanical, or chemical engineering


at junior level, petroleum engineers need training on usage of equipment and systems, and use of operating software for systems

Scope of the petroleum engineering assessment aptitude test

Petroleum Engineering

Candidates are evaluated on their electrical engineering skills

General Aptitude

Candidates are evaluated on their general aptitude

Logical Reasoning

Candidates are evaluated on logical reasoning skills

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
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The pre-employment tests for petroleum engineering from SkillRobo ensure that the candidate is evaluated on all the important skills required to perform well in the role. Here are the key differentiators:

Instant reports and analytics

Section-wise performance reports are provided instantly to the hiring team to make informed hiring decisions.

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Online test administration

The skill assessments in SkillRobo can be easily shared as online links with prospects via email.

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