Finance Manager Skill Test

Financial manager skill assessment from SkillRobo has been specifically created to cover all the essential skills, capabilities, and personality traits required to perform well as a finance manager. Instant reports and analytics are provided to the hiring team in a section-wise manner so that they can make informed hiring decisions.

About the test

The finance manager test from SkillRob focuses on assessments required for the role of a finance manager. Not just job-related skills, but the financial manager skill assessment focuses on aptitude and behavioral tendencies of the candidate. The hiring team simply has to share the link to the online financial manager test with the prospective candidate via email. The pre-employment tests for finance managers combine financial reasoning tests and financial manager aptitude tests. By focusing on skills outside the technical aspects of the job to include verbal and logical reasoning assessments, the hiring teams can ascertain whether the candidate fits well into the culture of the organization.

The finance manager test includes questions on logical and verbal reasoning and core finance and accounting concepts. By administering the financial management mock test to prospective hires, the hiring team can get an idea about the finance and managerial capabilities of the candidate.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 22

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Financial Manager Role

A financial manager is a key decision maker in the organization. They advise senior managers on financial matters and profit-maximizing ideas. Leadership makes intelligent investment decisions based on the advice from finance managers.

Nature of work:

managerial role that involves interaction and overseeing work of finance teams, and advice to leadership in key finance decisions.

Work hours:

finance managers typically work within office hours. Work hours may get extended when organizing major finance events for the organization.


all kinds of businesses require a finance manager. Corporate companies, healthcare, educational institutes, and IT firms require a finance manager.

Scope of work:

oversee finance department operations, set financial goals and objectives for the organizations, and advice leadership on finance decisions.

Educational qualification:

A BS or MA degree in Finance, Accounting, Commerce, or Economics is a must. Additional qualification as a CA, CFA or CPA is a plus.


do not require any training on day to day operations. Require training to understand finance policies within the organization.

Scope of the financial manager skill assessment

Logical Reasoning

Financial reasoning tests for finance managers includes logical reasoning evaluation

Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning abilities of potential hires for the role of finance manager are evaluated.

Accounts and Finance

Financial manager aptitude tests include finance and accounts related assessments.

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
Best Talent?

The finance manager test from SkillRobo combines aptitude, reasoning, and technical skill evaluations. The tests can be fully customized by choosing skill tests according to the role. A well-balanced evaluation ensures that competent candidates are hired for the role.

Fully customizable tests

SkillRobo allows hiring teams to choose various skill tests from the skill library as per requirements of the role.

Variety of tests

the skill library in SkillRobo provides a wide range of tests spanning different roles across industries.

Instant reports

the hiring team gets instant updates on the section-wise performance of the candidate upon completion of the test.

Online test administration

holistic candidate evaluation is just a click away with SkillRobo.The hiring team can be shared via email.

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