Mid-Level Finance Executive

Mid-level finance assessment from SkillRobo is the most effective hiring tool that helps hire skilled and competent mid-level finance executives quickly and effectively. The efforts and costs in hiring can be cut down significantly by using these tests.

About the test

The mid-level finance assessment test has been designed specifically for evaluating skills and competencies of candidate profiles for mid-level finance executives. The online mid-level finance test has been designed for evaluating the applied skills and knowledge of the potential hires gained through real work experiences rather than mere theoretical knowledge. The mid-level finance test from SkillRobo enables the hiring team to discover the true potential of the candidate by evaluating key job-related skills, behavioral tendencies, and personality evaluations that are essential for performing well on the job. .

The finance skills assessment test includes logical and verbal ability tests, accounting tests, anf finance tests. The mid-level finance skills assessment from SkillRobo provides section-wise reports on the candidate’s performance so that they are aware of the personality traits, job-skills, and behavioral tendencies of the candidate.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 20

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Mid-Level Finance Executive Role

Mid-level finance executive is one level above a junior finance executive or trainee in the finance department. They are responsible for monitoring the organization’s income, expenses, and investments, and create corresponding financial reports.

Nature of work:

this is a mid-level job that involves day-to-day management of financial transactions and creation of reports, and data consolidation..

Work hours:

mid-level executives’ work hours extend beyond office hours during the learning phase. Once they gain experience, their work hours are normal office work hours.


mid-level finance executives work in several industries like healthcare, educational institutes, and corporate offices.

Scope of work:

budgeting and analysis, tax management, managing payroll systems, monitoring the income and expenses of the organization, and planning investments.

Educational qualification:

A degree or diploma in accounts/finance/economics is a must for the role of mid-level finance executive. Knowledge in financial regulations is an added advantage.


mid-level finance executives are trained on-the-job to handle various finance projects, budgeting and tax planning activities.

Scope of the finance assessment test

Logical Reasoning

Finance assessment test for mid-level executives evaluates logical reasoning skills of candidates.

Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning abilities of potential hires for mid-level executives are evaluated by finance assessment test

Accounts and Finance

Strong finance and accounting skills are a must for mid-level executives. These skills are thoroughly evaluated by SkillRobo

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
Best Talent?

The mid-level finance assessment from SkillRobo ensures thorough evaluation of the skills and competencies of candidates, which helps find the perfect fit for open positions within the organization.

Detailed reports and analytics

SkillRobo provides section-wise performance reports to the hiring team as soon as the candidate completes the test.

Variety of tests

the skill library provides a wide range of tests spanning different roles across industries.

Customized tests

the hiring team can easily customize the tests according to the skill requirements of the role.

Online test administration

comprehensive candidate assessment is just a click away with SkillRobo. The hiring team can easily share the test link with the prospective hire via email

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