Librarian Skill Test

Librarians play a key role in managing library operations and updating the reference material available in the library. They also help users check out reference books and material and research new reading trends and popular genres to the library. The different types of librarians are public librarians, school librarians, academic librarians, and speciality-focused librarians. The librarian assessment test from SkillRobo can be used for hiring all types of librarians.

About the test

Librarians are essential for smooth operations in a library. They take care of all the operations of the library and assist users in finding the right books. They also need to update the inventory and database in a timely manner. To perform well in the librarian’s role, candidates must have library science skills, general aptitude, and verbal and logical reasoning skills. Pre-employment tests for librarians from SkillRobo ensure that all these skills are evaluated thoroughly. The librarian screening test comprises 4 sections – library science, general aptitude, and verbal and logical reasoning.

Librarian skills assessment test can be shared with prospective hires easily via email. The candidate can take up the test from any convenient location. The test results are made available to the hiring team immediately via reports and analytics. The test is conducted in a secure browser environment that prevents cheating and fraud.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 22

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Librarian Role

Librarians are in charge of all the operations of the library. The handle diverse responsibilities revolve around managing and maintaining the library. Large-scale libraries may also employ a team of librarians.

Nature of work:

librarians are responsible for providing support to the users and maintaining books and other reference material in good shape

Work hours:

assisting users at the library, maintaining books and reference material records, cataloging new inventory and updating database


librarians usually work during the work hours of the library. Research on latest reading trends may be done outside work hours

Scope of work:

educational institutes, research and development organizations, government managed libraries require librarians

Educational qualification:

a BS/MS degree in library science or related field, and license for certification are required for a librarians role


librarians that are not well versed in the operations of the library and basic computer skills require appropriate training

Scope of the librarian online aptitude test

Library Sciences

Candidates are evaluated on their library science skills

General Aptitude

Candidates are evaluated on their general aptitude

Verbal reasoning

Candidates must be evaluated on verbal skills

Logical Reasoning

Candidates are evaluated on logical reasoning skills

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
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The librarian skills assessment test from SkillRobo ensures that the candidate is evaluated on all the important skills required to perform well in the role. Here are the key differentiators:

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Section-wise performance reports are provided instantly to the hiring team to make informed hiring decisions.

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SkillRobo provides a wide array of skill assessments that can be fully customized according to the skill requirements of the role.

Variety of tests

SkillRobo provides a wide range of tests for roles across industries.

Online test administration

The skill assessments in SkillRobo can be easily shared as online links with prospects via email.

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