Front Office Executive Test

Front office executive assessment test from SkillRobo enables you to hire skilled and competent front office personnel quickly and efficiently. Our skill assessment tests help you cut down on hiring costs and time.

About the test

The front office executive test has been designed specifically for evaluating skills and competencies of potential hires for the role of front office executive or receptionist. The receptionist skills test has been designed for evaluating the applied skills of the candidate gained through real work experience rather than mere theoretical knowledge. The front office management skills test enables employers to identify the true potential of the candidate by evaluating a host of soft skills apart from job-related skills.

Important soft skills like interpersonal skills, ability to multitask, demeanor, communication skills, courteousness, conflict resolution, and attention to detail are evaluated by SkillRobo. The front office assessment test provides section-wise performance details in the form of reports and analytics to the hiring team so that they know the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Duration: 15 minutes

  • No. of Questions: 20

  • Format: Multiple Choice Questions

About Front Office Executive Role

Front office executives perform a very important role in customer engagement. They represent the face of the business to the clients.

Nature of work:

Complete customer-oriented role that is mostly a full-time work assignment, involving continuous engagement with the public and employees.

Work hours:

Work hours of front office executives is typically the working hours of the organization they work for.


Front office executives are required in several industries like hospitality, healthcare, educational institutions, and corporate offices.

Scope of work:

Customer engagement, scheduling meetings, arranging logistics, handling vendors, answering and routing phone calls.

Educational qualification:

There is no specific educational qualification required for the role of front office executive, a high school diploma holder could apply for this role.


On-the-job training helps them acquire the skills required for the role. Key skills are developed during training.

Scope of the front office assessment test

Logical and Verbal Reasoning

Front office executive test from SkillRobo evaluates the logical and verbal reasoning skill of candidates required for the role

Business Etiquette

The front office executive test from SkillRobo includes important questions that evaluate the business etiquette of the candidate


Behavioral tendencies like courtesy are evaluated in the skill assessment tests in SkillRobo

Basic Computer Skills

The front office executive test from SkillRobo evaluates knowledge of MS Excel and MS Word

How SkillRobo Helps Hire the
Best Talent?

The front desk skills assessment test from SkillRobo is loaded with several features that help find the perfect fit for open positions within the organization.

Instant reports and analytics

the hiring team instantly gets to know a candidate’s performance via section-wise performance reports and analytics.

Customized tests

hiring teams can choose from tests available in the skill library according to the role or create a new test according to the requirements of the role.

Variety of tests

SkillRobo provides a wide range of tests for roles across industries.

Online test administration

the tests in SkillRObo can be shared with prospects via email. Candidates can take up the test at a convenient time from a convenient place.

Create or Customize your own

Assessment Test by

Choosing from Existing Tests from Skill Library

SkillRobo provides a wide range of tests for different roles.

Creating Own Test by Combining Multiple Skill Tests

You can create your own tests by combining the skills required for the roles.

Creating Role-based Tests

You can create role-based developer skills tests by choosing various skill library.

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