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Software developers are tasked with building and implementing functional programs. To build efficient programs and systems, software developers must have excellent coding knowledge and skills like attention to detail, critical thinking, and communication. The online software development assessment test from SkillRobo is the perfect skill assessment tool that screens candidates quickly and efficiently. Software developers with varied skill sets can be evaluated by these assessments.

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Software Development

About the Software Development Skills Assessment Test

To hire skilled software developers, the hiring teams need to sift through several prospects before finding the right fit. The software engineer skills assessment test from SkillRobo has been exclusively developed by subject matter experts for assessing various skills of software developers. Each test consists of relevant software skill assessments, general aptitude tests, and reasoning skill assessments. The hiring team can share the test link with the prospective candidate through email. The details on the candidate’s performance are provided to the hiring team in the form of reports and analytics. The secure browser environment in which the test is conducted prevents cheating or fraud during the test.

The software developer online test from SkillRobo evaluates candidates in the following areas:

1. Coding skills

thorough knowledge of coding languages is a must

2. General Aptitude

the candidate must display superior general aptitude for the role

3. Verbal and Logical reasoning

good reasoning skills are a must for prospective hires

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