Newly recruited employees go through the orientation process that helps them familiarize themselves with work environment and brings them up to speed with respect to work. The orientation process gives employees complete information about their work environment, work culture, equipment, pay and benefits. During the course of employment, regular training programs are conducted to bridge the skill gap in employees or train them on new technology or tools adopted by the organization.

Under normal circumstances the orientation and training programs would be conducted in person. The Corona Pandemic has altered the way businesses operate, from recruitment to exit interviews to routine office work everything is done online. Pre-employment assessment tools are an integral part of the recruitment process. Remote employee training is trending now, thanks to the Covid pandemic. Several organizations, both in the private and public sphere, are adopting the remote training model to bridge the skill gaps in its employees.

Value Addition of Online Pre-employment Screening Tools

Recruiters use online pre-employment screening tools to streamline the recruitment process.

These tools provide several advantages, such as:

  • Customize assessment tests: Online assessment tools help recruiters assess the technical capability of potential candidates to ensure that they are a good fit for the role. Online pre-employment skills testing tools ensure that the right people are selected for the role by asking them the right questions.
  • Data-driven decisions: Test results from an online skill assessment tool are accurate, unbiased, and easy to read and interpret. Candidate performance can also be compared pre- and post- interview using these tools.
  • Identify Coaching and training needs: Newly recruited candidates need to be coached and trained to match the levels expected from the role for which they have been hired. Small gaps in their product knowledge or technical skills can be effectively identified and bridged through online training programs.

Finding the right people to grow your company is made easy and effective through online pre employment skills testing tools.

Employee Online Training

Earlier, work from home or remote connectivity option was given to employees under special circumstances, but now almost the entire workforce is connecting from home. The pandemic situation has forced companies to design new work policies around remote connectivity to ensure that business runs as usual.

Employee training programs also need to be conducted online. With employees and the trainers both working away from the office, conducting the training program requires additional planning and cooperation from both sides. Training a remote workforce requires customized online training programs created to address the skill and knowledge gap within employees.

Online Skill Assessment

Online pre-employment skills testing tools help identify the knowledge and skill gaps at the time of employment. After employment, regular training programs need to be conducted to upskill employees as new technologies and products emerge. Assessment of employee skills is an ongoing process that can be done through online skill tests designed to test specific skills and technical expertise.

The advantage of online skills testing is listed below:

  • Monitor employee development: Online employee testing modules help identify skill and knowledge gaps. Skill tests also help employers identify areas where employees are making progress and opportunities for improvement.
  • Reinforce understanding of company policies and procedures: Compliance policies and regulations are constantly changing. Online training is an effective way of reinforcing employees understanding of new policies and procedures.

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