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Job description of a production worker included ability to work on the production line with speed and accuracy, ability to adhere to production standards, working as instructed by the production line, and maintaining safety and cleanliness on the production floor are some of the responsibilities of production workers. SkillRobo provides a fully customizable skill library that can be used for online production skills assessment tests.

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Important Skills of a Production Worker

Production Assessment tests evaluate Key Skills

Parts assembly

production workers need to be skillful in assembling parts on production floor


Finished products must be packed deftly into required package sizes

Safety Guidelines

production workers must adhere to safety guidelines on the production floor

Quality Inspection

production workers inspect finished goods to ensure they meet quality standards


production workers need to prioritize and schedule production tasks for optimal output

Key Functions in Production

The production function in a business is associated with converting inputs into outputs manufactured by the enterprise. The quality of the output depends largely on the functioning of the production department. The inputs that are utilized in the production function are called factors of production. Production operations play an integral role in a company’s success, especially in small- to medium-sized businesses that depend exclusively on producing goods to remain in business.

The production department works closely with other divisions like sales and marketing, human resources, and finance. Key functions of the production department are:

Production planning:

Production planning involves estimation of input/output, planning production operations, and the location of production sites. Production planning is the first step in the production cycle.

Production control:

monitoring and controlling of the production function is essential to measure its performance. Timely delivery of quality products or services depends on the production function. The management controls the schedules, quality, and costs of the production function for optimal performance.

Business Improvement:

the key performance indicators of the production function help the management identify key improvement areas. The management analyzes production data and devises new and efficient ways for continuous improvement of the production function.

Roles in the Production Function

The smooth functioning of the production function depends on the performance of each of its team members. From production worker to the manager, each of them has well defined roles to play on the production floor.

Production worker

production workers need to have hands-on skill in handling production equipment deftly. Knowledge of functioning of the mechanical parts is essential. Physical dexterity is a must for production workers. Good communication skills and ability to work in a team are skills required in a production worker.

Production scheduler

production schedulers create and maintain the production schedules in order to ensure that all company goals and deadlines are adhered to. A strong understanding of the production process is essential for the scheduler. Creating and maintaining schedules, ensuring optimal resource utilization, identifying production bottlenecks, ability to handle and prioritize production tasks are some of the skills expected from a production scheduler.

Production manager

production managers are responsible for planning and overseeing production operations. Planning production schedules and ensuring that the process is carried out within the budget on time is the responsibility of the production manager. Training new employees and ensuring that they are upto speed in their respective roles is also the responsibility of the production manager.

Evaluation for Production Roles

Hiring for production roles requires careful evaluation of the domain skills, ability to work in a team, and attention to detail. The quality of the deliverables is directly related to the performance of the production function.

Online production skills assessment tests from SkillRobo are effective in screening hundreds of production worker profiles and filtering the right fit. Fully customizable tests in SkillRobo not only evaluate the domain skills, but also assess important behavioral traits that are essential to work in the production environment.

The production assessment tests cover important skills like:

  • Physical dexterity skill assessment – to work in a production environment physical dexterity is a must
  • Communication skill assessment – the production worker must be able to communicate with his team
  • Mechanical knowledge assessment – knowledge of the working and specifications of the production machinery is a must
  • Safety awareness assessment – awareness of the safety guidelines on the production floor is a must

Key Differentiators


Variety of Skill tests

production skills assessment tests in SkillRobo enable HR to evaluate a wide variety of job related and personality related skills. Production and manufacturing skills, cognitive ability, and behavioral traits can be evaluated through a single platform.


Convenient evaluation

the online production assessment test enables convenient evaluation of candidate’s skills and traits from any location. The hiring team can send the test link thro email and the candidate can take up the test from a convenient location.


Fraud and cheating prevention

the online production skill assessment test is conducted in a safe and secure browser environment that monitors the activity of the candidate while taking the test. Fraud and cheating during the test can be effectively prevented.


Reporting and analytics

complete performance assessment of the candidate is made available in the form of reports to the hiring team. SkillRobo provides instant reports and analytics after the completion of the test.

Thorough and quick screening of production worker profiles with SkillRobo.

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