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SkillRobo Assessment Tool is everything you need to test, analyze and hire the right candidates.

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Experience the easiest online assessment tool.

Are you tired of reviewing tons of poor online test tools?

Do you find it tough to wade through lots of questions to find the exact test you need?

Would customizable testing make your interview process easier?

SkillRobo does everything intuitively so that you can use it for different types of companies – BPOs, IT sector, KPOs, automobile industry and many more as custom test creation is right at your fingertips.

How Does SkillRobo Online Assessment Tool Change the Way You Conduct Tests?

  • Ready to use questions
  • Just pick the topic from popular choices
  • Choose your category and pick your tests for managers, team leaders, developers, testers, and analysts
  • Easy to answer multiple choice-based questions

Personalize Your Test and Brand your Company

When you use SkillRobo, the test pages can have your company’s logo so that you can personalize the test. It boosts confidence among candidates when they attempt the test from a different location. Customize the test page with your logo and share it with the candidate so that your test looks credible.

  • Create and leave your brand’s identity wherever you let candidates take tests from
  • Easy to share online
  • Instant results so that you can make your decisions quicker

An Online Assessment Tool that is Readily Accessible

The tests that you create are stored online making them readily accessible around the globe. Candidates can be located in any part of the country or sometimes in a completely different continent. Just because you need to conduct a test, there is no need to invite them to your office. Instead, conduct tests online and hire better candidates.

Save time and give an opportunity to talented people irrespective of their location.

  • Cloud-based solution – The list of tests, both that are already available on SkillRobo and the ones created by you are stored online for easy access
  • Send links to candidates – Instead of using e-mails which always doubles the process, you can simply send the test link over any instant messenger and request multiple candidates to take the test
  • Saves time in person – When there are lots of candidate walk-ins on the same day, you can easily share the test with a dozen people or even more at once. If they have their own laptops, they can take tests while sitting in the waiting room and the results are instant.

Assured Privacy and Safe

The questions created online all are shared in an encrypted https link for SkillRobo which ensures the utmost privacy and safety for your organization. A lot of companies have proprietary ways of testing their candidates and if you are going to create custom tests, you can be rest assured that they will not get leaked and will be safely stored in our online servers. You can also customize the number of times a test can be taken, displaying results among other features to keep it confidential.

  • The easiest way to ensure privacy as all questions, especially custom created ones are safeguarded against leaks
  • SkillRobo uses https encryption on the application so that test takers can remotely take tests without any malpractices
  • Customization options to decide what to show candidates, number of times test is taken and other features to keep the assessment tool under control

Why Should Your Company Use SkillRobo Assessment Tool?

An online assessment tool should have all the features companies would expect and SkillRobo has been designed with your requirements in mind. The software is easy to use and the HR team can make use of it without any coding knowledge. It is safe, secure and can be shared over the web so that candidates can take tests from anywhere anytime.

Besides all the essential features, SkillRobo has one of the largest collection of question banks on a wide variety of topics and we can always include new tests based on your custom requirements. Create a brand identity when conducting the interview to attract potential candidates and retain them.

Everything starts with the test. Generate easy reports and analytics to view your progress and performance. Recruit at a later point in time from a large set of candidates that have already taken the initial screening test.

hire talent.
screen easy. save time.