Communication Skills

A communication assessment evaluates a person’s communication abilities on all levels. To evaluate the candidate’s competency in both written and oral mediums, it comprises a variety of tests and language comprehension tasks. Business communication in the modern era English is used frequently at work, both orally and in writing. Companies are constantly on the lookout for talent that thrives inside their ecosystem, forms strong teams, favorably impacts projects, and upholds outstanding interpersonal ties with stakeholders and clients. 

Corporate communication abilities will become the norm in the future. Although the required language and communication skills differ depending on the role, the key will be how well employers can test applicants to gauge these abilities in the current employment market. The solution to this lies in technology-based communication skills assessment tools, which are extensively used to identify applicants who will fit particular roles.

When evaluating a candidate’s communication abilities, hiring managers do not rely on their subjective judgment. Accurate results can only be obtained using a communication skills assessment method that is suitable. 

Recruiters should standardize communication skill testing due to the growing significance of these skills and their direct connection to employee performance. One of the main components of recruitment for companies focused on a comprehensive HR management strategy is the assessment of communication abilities. 

What Is A Communication Assessment?

A communication assessment or test can be used to determine a person’s language proficiency, versatility in using that proficiency, and capacity to maximize that potential in social and professional settings. 

They evaluate a candidate’s written and vocal communication abilities. Some tests of communication abilities may also gauge a candidate’s capacity for active listening and recognizing nonverbal cues. 

A committed and successful workforce depends on effective communication. Every phase of an employee’s life cycle, from team formation to creativity and progress, is closely correlated with their capacity for honest and open communication. 

When hiring for professions requiring regular encounters with clients, employees, or the general public, communication assessments are crucial and these assessments can be utilized by employing the communication skills assessment tools.

What Does It Measure?

All the critical aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication are assessed using a well-organized communication assessment. An array of tests that help measure a candidate’s comfort and proficiency in a particular language is available for use by businesses and industries that need effective workplace communication. 

The objective of this assessment is to assess a person’s capacity for reading and hearing information, as well as the rate at which they process it, grasp it, and then come up with an appropriate response to it in the same language. These assessments help assess writing abilities, grammar, pronunciation, speech, and other skills.

Major Skill Areas To Cover In The Assessment

It is essential to select a communication assessment that addresses all the fundamental components of interpersonal communication. Four main categories can be used to group these components:

1. Reading Comprehension Assessment  

Reading comprehension abilities show a candidate’s capacity for accurate interpretation and analysis of written information. Any employment that necessitates a regular exchange of verbal communication can benefit from these skills. 

Using a comprehensive English communication skills assessment tool to evaluate reading abilities is essential for obtaining in-depth knowledge of a person’s:

  • Average reading abilities.
  • Ability to think critically.
  • General aptitude.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Patience
  • Attention span.
2. Written Ability Assessment

To manage communication across email, social media, and text messages, the majority of professions nowadays demand solid writing skills. A written communication test assists in the analysis of candidates’ writing skills and evaluates their work in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, and other factors. Such a test is helpful when hiring for a variety of positions in sales, marketing, customer/technical support, etc.

3. Listening Comprehension Assessment

Listening is an important communication ability that is frequently undervalued to reduce misunderstandings. Effective listening is one of the three foundational talents listed as being crucial for those entering the job. According to additional research, having effective listening skills can generally aid in obtaining and retaining more information. Therefore, a listening skills test is a necessary component of a comprehensive communication assessment.

4. Spoken English Test

When evaluating an applicant’s communication skills, one of the most important and historically valued talents that employers look for is speech, or more precisely, spoken language proficiency. When candidates are not native speakers of the target language, communication evaluation for speech or a spoken English test is crucial.

The Challenges Of Testing Communication Skills

Assessing communication is difficult, even with the best tools. The following are some of the elements that contribute to the complexity of testing communication skills:

1. Multimodality

Communication is a multifaceted skill set that has writing, listening, speaking, emotional, and reading skills. For instance, an appealing candidate may not necessarily be a good listener. Therefore, rather than focusing only on language fluency, communication evaluations must be created to measure all facets of communication.

2. Multi-Platform

There are many different ways to communicate at work. Although we occasionally meet in person, we speak more frequently via video, phone, chat, or email.

3. Bidirectional

The majority of communication happens when two or more people exchange words back and forth. As a result, even if only one person completes the communication assessment, it should still be created and organized to accurately reflect group interaction.

4. Situational

No two people ever communicate in isolation. It’s always connected to a certain scenario or purpose. So it’s critical to analyzing communication abilities in the context of a challenge. For instance, replying to a customer’s irate email.

Uses Of A Communication Assessment Tool

Any form of communication test or assessment tool can be used to gauge a professional’s capacity to work in a corporate setting. These tools provide a wide range of options, whether you want to examine grammar and punctuation or need a set of communication assessment test questions to evaluate verbal abilities for a certain field.

  • Employers can utilize an online English communication skill test to find the best candidates for the global client support role.
  • A pre-employment communication skills assessment tool enables employers to precisely identify candidates who can fulfill the specific duties and responsibilities necessary for leadership roles.
  • The communication skills test is considered to be an effective filter for large-scale hiring. Through an objective and comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s language ability, listening comprehension, and reading skills, they assist in improving lateral hiring decisions.
  • This communication skills evaluation can be used by people managers to pinpoint communication-related weaknesses in an organization. The outcomes may also be crucial for creating customized training programs for a workforce that is prepared for the future.
  • This Communication assessment tool helps to reduce the recruitment time by assessing the candidates more quickly and accurately to fill the vacant positions in a short period.
  • Most of the communication assessment tools are more likely to be an extensive talent assessment platform that can coordinate with your applicant tracking system (ATS).

What to Look for in a Communication Skills Assessment Tool?

There are different varieties of communication skills assessment types utilized throughout sectors to rate people for certain jobs. Recruiters can select the best sort of test or a combination of assessments depending on the requirements of the position. The use of online communication skills tests is to examine a candidate’s level of comfort and agreeability by their body language and facial expressions. This tool helps to determine whether an applicant is forceful, aggressive, passive-aggressive, or passive.

Before employing a communication skill assessment tool for your organization, you should consider the following three things,

Define the Requirements

The first thing is to consider the requirements such as 

“Why do you need the communication skills assessment tool for your organization?” and “How will that tool benefit the recruitment process in hiring a suitable candidate?”

Every organization should understand the above-listed things before employing a communication skills assessment tool. 

Define the Target Audience

The next step is to know exactly who you will be utilizing these assessments to evaluate. The number of applicants and the position for which they are being considered matter more.

“Does the company plan to hire people in large numbers?” and “ Is it a test for a select group of professionals looking for senior-level positions?

Once you have clear answers to each of the aforementioned questions, you will be able to choose the communication test that has the most useful and practical characteristics.

Search for the Features of the Communication Assessment

The organization should also look for the following features in the communication skills assessment tool,

  • Flexibility: When taking an important test, the organization doesn’t want students to battle with errors and difficulties. There shouldn’t be any bandwidth issues if you decide to take an online communication test. As a result, flexibility is essential for test software to function properly for the requisite time. 
  • Scalability: In addition, the software or assessment tool must work flawlessly regardless of the number of candidates utilizing it at any given time across all platforms and locations.
  • Cheating Prevention: Several technologies make sure that no errors are made when doing remote assessments. The assessments can use both manual and AI proctoring for increased security.
  • Auto-Evaluation: This is especially helpful when bulk hiring is occurring. Auto assessments reduce the likelihood of errors and eliminate bias from the data.

6 Best Communication Skills Assessment Tools In The Market For Effective Hiring

1. Skillrobo

Skillrobo is a robust tool for evaluating the capabilities of a candidate along with tech and subject-matter expertise. Hiring managers can analyze a candidate’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in one test by using this communication skills evaluation tool. The platform provides tests of communication abilities in a variety of formats that are tailored to certain contexts in the field or industry. It offers broad assessments and cognitive assessment of communication skills. This tool assists businesses in making evidence-based, unbiased hiring decisions to reduce bias and get better results.


  • Skillrobo’s communication skills assessment includes a writing skills test, reading comprehension test, listening skills test, and speaking skills assessmen testt.
  • Testing individuals’ speaking abilities to determine their capacity for accurate, cogent, and clear communication.
  • The listening skills test is to determine if someone can listen intently and comprehend others’,
  • A reading comprehension test is used to determine how well a person can comprehend, process, retain, and synthesize textual material.
  • The writing skills test is to assess the ability to express ideas and concepts in writing clearly and fluently.
  • This communication assessment tool assures the greatest level of accuracy and conformity to regulations.
  • It offers comprehensive reports with analytics and selections for results comparison, evaluation, and sorting.
2. Testcandidates

Testcandidates is a pre-employment assessment tool that helps to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills during the recruitment process. It evaluates candidates by testing their communication and soft skills required in the corporate world.  In the test, candidates answer several scenario-based questions about their jobs. 


  • It provides communication skills assessment for specific job positions such as sales assistant, team lead, call center operator, support specialist, etc.
  • Testcandidates communication skills assessment tool helps candidates face real-time problem-based questions to exhibit their efficiency in communication skills and understand other’s points of view.
  • The evaluation offers measurable data that may be used to choose the top candidates and guide them through the hiring process.
3. is a tool for analyzing communication skills of candidates through language skill tests, that include the most common skills that employers seek. All of the communication skills tests include a variety of language-based inquiries addressing vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading comprehension, and everyday terms.


  • communication skills tests evaluate candidates’ grammar knowledge, spelling, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills.
  • This communication assessment tool supports multiple languages like English, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, etc.
  • This tool is best suited for a variety of occupations, including those of translators, teachers, proofreaders, editors, salespeople, flight attendants, and pilots, as well as business positions, travel agents, tour guides, content creators, journalists, and customer service representatives. 
  • For prompt recruiting decisions, real-time results are available in this tool, and an analytics dashboard and candidate comparison are also provided. 
4. Merittrac

The Merittrac platform fulfills the needs of both employees and employers. Around the world, businesses have a noticeable skill gap in communication. This assessment tool has developed a variety of communication test methods to close the gap. 


  • Merittrac’s English listening test helps analyze the communication process and interpersonal skills of candidates.
  • Verbal Skills Test to evaluate vocabulary, content, grammar, spelling, and punctuation in various job situations involving verbal communication.
  • Specifically designed elements for the BPO industry include the Written English Test (WET), Listening Comprehension Test, English Verbal Ability, and Advanced Verbal Ability.
5. LearningLabs

LearningLabs is one of the finest communication skills assessment tools for employers to evaluate applicants based on their writing, speaking, and listening skills.  During interviews, spoken English is a significant criterion for assessing communication skills. This tool for evaluating communication skills filters applicants based on accent neutrality, fluency, and voice clarity. The results of a test are compiled and thoroughly examined thereafter.  


  • The LearningLabs communication skills test is a concrete example of a process that evaluates applicants for quality, accuracy, and reliability.
  • The results of this test are gathered and analyzed to group candidates into several talent buckets, such as those who are suitable, chosen, best suited, and trainable.
6. Togglhire

Togglhire assesses candidates’ communication abilities by a specific job, a template, or a stand-alone test. Candidates are assessed using this technique for both technical and non-technical professions. Experts in the field develop tests to evaluate applicants based on their abilities to successfully communicate ideas, comprehend and be understood, listen actively, offer constructive criticism, and adapt various communication styles for various contexts.  


  • Using Togglhire, employers can use their pre-built communication skills assessment template to evaluate candidates.
  • This tool provides you with the overall performance analysis report of the candidates.


Communication assessment tests are an important tool to identify candidates with detailed insights into every prospect. Every organization should have these tests in their recruitment process. Roles like customer support, analyst, marketing manager, and sales specialist should be able to communicate properly and efficiently. 

For this, communication skills assessments help employers to identify suitable candidates for the recruited specific role. These evaluations often include a range of tasks meant to probe a person’s communication and listening abilities, as well as their thought processes and responses to data.

The proper combination of methods and resources should be used to assess communication abilities. When used both before and throughout the hiring process, it guarantees a seamless transition and long-term success. Skillrobo’s pre-employment assessment tool is the perfect fit, as it has a wide range of assessment tests with a customizable skill library and test library. It is a quick and simple customized online assessment tool that works well.

To hire people with high levels of talent, the assessment tool may screen enormous candidate pools using ready-to-use, tailored skill tests. Investing in user-friendly online tools for evaluating candidates, like SkillRobo, gives your company and the hiring team an edge over rivals.

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