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Customer support personnel take care of all the customer queries and complaints. They address all the concerns and grievances of customers that are logged as customer support requests. Answering customer phone calls/emails, resolving their complaints, and answering their queries are the main functions of a customer service executive. The customer service assessment test from SkillRobo enables comprehensive evaluation of skills and competencies of customer service representatives via the following skill assessment. Instant reports from the customer service skills assessment test enable data-driven hiring decisions.

customer support team

The Customer service representative in
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Customer Support

About the Customer Service Online Test

Performing well in the role of a customer service representative requires a combination of technical and soft skills. The customer service online assessment test from SkillRobo is designed by subject matter experts to include skill assessments required for that role. The customer care online assessment test includes verbal reasoning, courtesy, and customer service skill evaluations. Candidates that take up the customer service call center assessment test are thoroughly evaluated on technical and soft skills.

The customer service online test from SkillRobo evaluates candidates in the following areas:

1. Communication skills

Verbal and written communication skills assessment test

2. Customer service

Must have skills for customer service personnel

3. Courtesy

a must-have skill while taking customer queries and grievances

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