Pre-Hire the Best Engineers Engineering Assessment Test

Engineers use science, technology, and math to create infrastructure to improve the way we work, travel, communicate, and stay healthy. Engineers need to have strong engineering skills, general aptitude, and reasoning skills, to perform well in their roles. The engineering assessment test from SkillRobo helps hire skilled and competent engineers. Instant reports and analytics on candidate’s performance is made available to the hiring team to make the right hiring decision.

Engineering Roles Covered in Skill Assessments

Engineers are tasked with the work of creating innovation from spacecraft to medical processes, There are several engineering roles like electrical engineer, plant engineer, chemical engineer, petroleum engineer, computer engineer, etc. Irrespective of the role of the engineer, SkillRobo provides engineering assessment skill tests that can be customized according to the role. The engineering assessment tests for engineering can be used for hiring skilled and competent candidates.

The engineering assessment skill test in SkillRobo are available for following roles:

Engineering Skill Assessment Test

Select the right Talent with Skillrobo’s Engineering Assessment Test

Engineers create, design, and innovate complex applications, structures, and systems. They need to have excellent engineering, math, and analytical skills to perform well in their role. The engineering skill assessment tests from SkillRobo have been designed by subject matter experts to evaluate all the skills required to perform well in the role of an engineer. These tests can be customized as per the engineering role like plant, chemical, petroleum, and electrical engineering. The link to the online assessment test can be shared with the prospective hires via email. Reports and analytics of the candidate’s performance are made available to the hiring team immediately.

The engineering assessment test from SkillRobo evaluates candidates in the following areas:

  • Engineering skills – engineering skills of candidates are thoroughly evaluated
  • General Aptitude – general aptitude of candidates is evaluated
  • Logical reasoning – good reasoning skills are a must for engineering professionals

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