Roles Covered in Skill Assessments

Educational institutes and research institutes benefit from a well-stocked and maintained library. Librarians play a key role in managing and maintaining the library. Keeping it well stocked and ensuring that books and reference materials are maintained safely and securely is the main work of a librarian. Providing suggestions to library users, helping users check out books, and researching new reading trends, are some of the other duties of librarians.

Library Skill Assessment Test

The library assessment test in
SkillRobo are available for following roles:


About the Library Skills Assessment Test

Librarians play an important role in the smooth functioning of a library. Librarians are needed in educational institutes, religious institutes, and research facilities. Skilled and experienced librarians are important for improving research and development capabilities within the institute. Without the right pre-employment skill assessments, hiring the right candidate is a challenge. The pre-test library skills assessment from SkillRobo focuses on hiring skilled and competent librarians. The online library assessment test includes library science, general aptitude, logical and verbal reasoning assessments for comprehensive candidate evaluation.

The library skills assessment from SkillRobo evaluates candidates in the following areas:

1. Library Science

thorough library sciences skills are a must

2. General Aptitude

the candidate must display superior general aptitude for the role

3. Verbal and Logical reasoning

good reasoning skills are a must for librarians

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