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Roles Covered in Skill Assessments

Marketing personnel are mainly concerned with promoting the brand and creating awareness of the products and services offered by the organization. Researching and identifying marketing strategies, analyzing the demand and supply, and pricing the product/services competitively are some of the duties performed by marketing professionals.

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The Common Roles in the Marketing Function Include:

Digital Marketing

About the Pre-Employment Tests for Digital Marketing

Marketing professionals need to have top-notch communication skills, logical and analytical reasoning capabilities, and market research abilities, in addition to digital marketing skills. The online digital marketing skills assessment tests from SkillRobo are designed by experts in the field to include evaluations that cover all the essential skill evaluations. The digital marketing assessment test can be used for various roles in digital marketing.

The Digital Marketing Skills Assessment Test from SkillRobo Evaluates Candidates in the Following Areas

1. Communication skills

Verbal and written skills assessment test

2. Digital Marketing skills

Must have skills for all the roles in digital marketing

3. Persistence and Patience

A must have trait for a good marketer

4. Negotiation skills

Key skill for marketing personnel while discussing deals with clients

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