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The office administrative task is the key role where the person working in it should possess a wide range of skills and are extremely capable of handling demanding situations. An entire range of tasks handled by the front office clerical staff can be listed out but the advantage of using SkillRobo tests to identify a candidate’s individual skills go a long way in making the recruitment process easier.

The test program is designed to test various aspects of an individual primarily focusing on their communication skills, their ability to do multitasking which is crucial for the position and simple but important skills such as typing speed. While the test doesn’t explicitly include a typing test, the timed program will allow you to quickly evaluate the capabilities of a candidate.

  • Clerical Staff – The clerical staff is responsible for ensuring a wide range of tasks are carried out efficiently and within the deadline including but not limited to answering phone calls at the front desk, keeping track of files, documents and transaction receipts, scheduling meetings, handling travel plans and managing data entry. Their contribution in turn enables other teams to work in harmony to achieve the common goal.

The clerical staff in modern day offices may have to be technologically sound because of the vast adoption of IT and related features in all industries. Be it the IT, automobile, data management or hospitals, a clerical staff is expected to be able to handle computers and mobile devices to speed up the entire process. The time when documentation done in books and manual database maintenance has now been replaced by cloud-based services which the person in-charge should be able to understand and deliver on a regular basis.

Test Details

The SkillRobo test that is dedicated for the role of Clerical Staff is organized and handpicked by a team of subject matter experts. The team comprises of highly skilled and experienced people who have prior experience in the particular job role. They accumulate the experiences they have throughout the years, understand the skill set needed to do this job effectively and implement it in the form of choice-based questions that candidates should answer.

Test Description

The test focuses on numerous skills expected from a candidate who applies for the position of a clerical staff. The test will be conducted online and there can always be a personal interview round in order to assess the person in terms of real-world performance. With talent spread around the globe, the testing method promotes online tests and the same can be hosted in the office premises making the recruitment process more streamlined than it is when done the conventional way.

With the help of this test, it is easier to shortlist the most eligible candidates. The test choices are presented to the administrator from which they can choose the right program that suits the job role the company is hiring for. The HR team or any person who is in charge of handling the test can send a link which the test takers should open in a browser and attempt, usually as the initial round of interview and in further rounds when required.

Steps to Take the Test

  1. Sign up for the number of different tests for which you are hiring candidate for
  2. Send the link to the candidate or provide them in-house for walk-in interviews
  3. The credits are deducted only when the test begins
  4. Test is conducted in a safe browser environment and there is no need to download any additional software
  5. Let the candidate complete the test and you will immediately receive the reports

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