Office Administrator

Roles Covered in Skill Assessments

Office administrators are also referred to as clerical staff. They perform a host of duties ranging from office supply management to managing business schedules of top management to supervision of office staff.

office administrator skills assessment

Office Administrator

About the Office Administrator Test

Office admin is the face of the business to clients and consumers. Facing customers in person and handling their telephone calls and email correspondence forms the core of office admin work. They also handle office staff and ensure that their work is uninterrupted. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and multitasking abilities are required for performing office administrative roles.

Administrative assessment tests cover all the essential aspects of the office admin hiring process. Communication skills, behavioral traits, job-related skills, and cognitive ability are tested in online administrative skills assessment tests.

SkillRobo Tests Office Admin Candidates in the Following Areas:

1. Communication skills

Verbal and written skills assessment test

2. Multitasking ability

Must have skills for office admins

3. Psychological skills

Ability to handle crisis situations

4. Organizational skills

Ability to organize and execute work

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