Recruitment is a key business process that helps build talent and skills within the organization. Poor hiring decisions can prove to be costly for the organization. Pre-employment screening is a crucial step that sets the tone for the rest of the hiring process. How well do employers or recruiters source and screen the candidates influence the end result of the recruitment process. Pre-employment screening tools help the recruitment team screen the right candidates.

Why is Pre-Employment Screening Important?

Conventional information gathering methods do not yield deep insights for the recruitment team, and the accuracy and validity of the information provided in the resume cannot be evaluated effectively. Using pre-employment screening tools accelerate the recruitment process.

Here is how screening makes the recruitment process more effective:

Accurate and efficient screening:
Pre-employment screening helps in assessing the cognitive capability, technical skills, emotional intelligence, personality, and other aspects about the candidates that are not available in the resume. Pre-employment software helps recruiters assess the job performance and suitability to the company (culture and environment), in an objective manner.

Evaluate candidate’s potential:
profiles often contain inaccurate and misleading information. Screening tests provide recruiters with reliable and objective information about the candidate that can be combined with other evaluation steps for an informed hiring decision. Pre-screening evaluations are not limited to technical skills alone, personality and aptitude tests throw light on whether the candidate is a good fit for the company culturally as well.

Accelerate recruitment time:
Pre-screening software saves significant amount of time for the recruitment team by evaluating hundreds of resumes within a short time frame. Pre-screening tests are among the most accurate ways to predict potential employee’s performance. Clearing the pre-screening test means that the candidate has the basic skills required for the job. Now, interpersonal skills and detailed technical skills alone may be evaluated in the interview process.

Common Mistakes during the Pre-Employment screening Evaluation

Deriving best results from the pre-employment screening is possible only when you avoid the following mistakes:

Incorrect configuration of screening tests:

Assigning a wrong test to the candidate or testing for the wrong skills will lead the entire recruitment process to a dead end. Pre-screening tests are usually assigned based on the job description; therefore, it is important to provide accurate job description for all work opportunities.

Failing to evaluate soft skills of candidate:

Evaluating soft skills of candidates is as important as evaluating the technical skills. The decision regarding whether the candidate will fit into the work culture of the company can be effectively taken based on soft skill evaluation. Missing out on this evaluation might result in ineffective recruitment.

Considering pre-screening results alone:

Pre-screening test results alone should not be considered to evaluate a candidate. Other factors like candidate’s experience, interview performance, etc. also should be considered while recruiting a candidate.

Inadequate technology support:

Choosing the right pre-employment screening software is important for best results. Glitches during the course of conducting the test may not produce the right results. The tests must be scientifically validated, integrated with applicant tracking systems, and easy to use.

Relying on one type of test alone:

Relying on one type of screening tests alone is risky. Recruiters must adopt multi-measure assessments for comprehensive candidate evaluation.

Comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening

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