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According to recent research, a corporate job post receives 250 resumes. For around 4 open positions at a given point in time, the recruitment team needs to sift through 1000 profiles to find the right fit. Assuming the average time spent on evaluating a profile is 5 minutes, the hiring team spends an average of 83 hours just to go through prospective profiles for 4 job roles! Now that’s a lot of man hours spent on a single step of the recruitment process. Using pre-employment testing software saves the hiring team a significant amount of time and also streamlines the hiring process.

What is a Pre-Employment Assessment?

Finding the best talent in an increasingly competitive market requires a streamlined and focused recruitment strategy. The hiring team needs to spend more time on candidates that are deemed to be a good fit for the role rather than screening 1000s of profiles that may or may not be a good fit. A holistic assessment of the candidate’s job-related skills, personality traits, and reasoning ability, is required to ensure that the candidate is a success for the role. Conventional hiring methods like interviews, internal hiring, and referrals do not ensure holistic candidate evaluation and are lengthy and cumbersome.

Pre-employment testing software is a tool or method used to evaluate job candidates with consistency. A hiring assessment test evaluates a wide range of skills from hard skills to personality batteries to reasoning skills. Pre-employment assessment is a combination of the following tests:

  • Hard skills tests: typing tests, math skill tests, MS Office, language skills, and technical skill tests are part of the hard skills test.
  • Work sample tests: situational judgment, work presentations, system design architecture, coding tests, and safety and risk tests are part of work sample tests.
  • Interviews: structured and unstructured interviews, behavioral assessment, video on demand, and video live are some of the ways pre-employment interviews are conducted.
  • Cultural/behavioral/cognitive: work culture fit, behavioral fit and cognitive ability of the candidates need to be assessed during the pre-employment evaluation.
  • Personality: The executive personality assessment, and Myers-Briggs test, are Strengths finder some of the personality-based pre-employment evaluations.

What Does a Pre-Employment Assessment Tool Measure?

The ideal pre-employment assessment must evaluate the candidate’s business-related qualities, interests, aptitude, identity, and personality type. The focus should be more on hiring a complete personality, rather than a technically competent candidate. A pre-employment assessment tool measures the following:

  • Business or work-related values: work-related qualities incorporate self-sufficiency, security, relational connections, and prestige in candidates.
  • Interests: evaluating a candidate’s preferences and interests focus on long-term career building.
  • Personality type: social characteristics, motivational drives, state of mind, and problem-solving capabilities of candidates depend on the personality type.
  • Aptitude: a candidate’s aptitude determines common ability, ability to build expertise, and reasoning ability.

How Does Pre-Employment Assessment Save Hiring Time?

Pre-employment skills tests help hiring teams identify candidates with the right skill and culture fit. Candidates who fit into the company’s culture and have the right job skills reach their peak performance levels quickly. Employing a hiring assessment test for recruiting candidates results in the hiring of higher-quality candidates. Pre-employment testing software enables objective and accurate evaluation of the candidate’s skills. Here is how pre-employment assessment tools save time for the hiring team:

Efficient screening of candidates:

Manual screening of candidate profiles is a lengthy, cumbersome, and error-prone process. Pre-employment assessment tools can screen several profiles thoroughly within a short duration. These tests can be used to evaluate various skill levels of candidates across industries. Using a single tool to evaluate multiple candidates saves a lot of time and effort for the hiring team.

Identification of Training needs:

Pre-employment tests are a holistic way of candidate evaluation that focuses on the job-related, personality, and cognitive ability of the candidate. These tests also throw light on the candidate’s training needs even before they join the organization. Candidates evaluated through pre-employment tests reach their peak performance levels quickly.

Instant results:

Pre-employment testing software provides instant reports and analytics on the performance of the candidate to the hiring team. This saves a lot of time for the hiring team in making hiring decisions.

Benefits of Pre-employment Assessment Tests

In addition to saving hiring time, pre-employment testing software is a convenient way to administer the test. Recruiters can simply share the test link with the candidates via email. Candidates can take the test by clicking on the link from anywhere, at any time. Pre-employment testing software like SkillRobo conducts the test in a secure environment that prevents fraud and cheating. The software keeps a tab on the online activities of the candidates while they take the test. Another advantage of pre-employment assessments is the ability to validate the hiring process by screening the right candidate for the job through objective, error-free assessment.

SkillRobo is one of the best pre-employment screening software in the market that improves the efficiency and speed of the hiring process. The skill library in SkillRobo can be customized according to the role and skill for which the candidate is being hired. Pre-employment tests in SkillRobo can be used for evaluating a variety of roles across various industries. The reporting and analytics feature enables the recruitment team to make data-driven hiring decisions.


Pre-employment tests are powerful tools that the hiring team can use to streamline and speed up the hiring process. These tests empower the recruitment team to make informed hiring decisions through objective evaluation of candidate profiles. The need for faster and more efficient hiring methods in an increasingly competitive market is the main driver for the growth of the Global Pre-employment assessment software market.

Using pre-employment testing software in the recruitment process provides several benefits for the organization. From improving the quality of hires to accelerating the hiring process to easy and convenient administration of assessments, pre-employment assessment tools provide several benefits. SkillRobo is an online pre-employment testing software that streamlines the hiring process.

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