Healthcare organizations need to engage and retain its best employees to deliver exceptional patient care and gain the competitive edge. Improving employee retention can be broken down into two parts: hiring the right employee and improving employee engagement. Only employees that have the necessary skills for the job and the personality traits to gel into the culture of the organization can contribute actively to the growth of the organization. Healthcare pre-employment tests help identify the right candidate for openings in the healthcare sector. Healthcare assessment tests ensure comprehensive evaluation of job-related skills and soft skills.

Ways to Improve Healthcare Employee Engagement and Retention

Healthcare professionals make significant contributions to the community by helping save lives and furthering scientific discovery. Making the right hiring decisions is key to delivering quality healthcare and retaining top employees. Here are some tips to engage and retain healthcare employees:

  • Streamline the hiring and screening process: A streamlined hiring process for the healthcare sector helps identify the right candidate. Making healthcare skills test a part of the screening process enables comprehensive assessment of hard and soft skills required for various roles in the healthcare industry.
  • Offering competitive pay packages: Offering candidates competitive pay packages during the The hiring process or appraisal process helps retain top talent. In addition to payments, offering attractive benefits like good retirement plans, better insurance coverage, paid holidays, and Student loan assistance is another way to retain healthcare employees.
  • Gathering employee feedback: Gathering employee feedback about the hiring process, work environment and processes, and work experience at the organization is a necessary part of increasing employee retention.
  • Ongoing recognition: Automating and optimizing the employee recognition program is a great way to improve employee engagement. Awards and recognitions are a great way to appreciate the contributions made by employees.
  • Destressing opportunities: Maintaining a healthy, positive, and stress-free work environment is vital in the healthcare sector that demands high levels of physical and mental effort. Organizing fun-days at work, yoga and meditation classes for employees, and employee wellness programs are effective ways to de-stress employees.
  • Connected team: A well-connected team delivers best results. Organizing team building exercises, planning team lunches, updating employees on organizational changes, etc. are ways to improve communication between teams.

Must-have Skills of Healthcare Employees

Having the right job credentials and medical licenses are a must for all healthcare professionals. But, are these skills alone enough to perform well in healthcare jobs? Healthcare professionals need to have soft skills like empathy, patience, humility, etc. to perform their jobs well. Some of the must-have skills of healthcare professionals are listed below.

In-depth medical knowledge and qualifications:

healthcare professionals have the responsibility of people’s lives riding on their shoulders. Having the right qualification and credentials for performing their role well is mandatory for healthcare professionals. They should be aware of the latest technological advancements in their field.

Knowledge of state/country laws:

Healthcare professionals need to be aware and updated on the state/country laws pertaining to healthcare.


healthcare workers deal with people who are sick, under physical or mental trauma, or under a lot of physical pain. Practicing empathy while dealing with patients is essential for healthcare workers. Showing empathy to those under stress and pain helps make the situation more comfortable.


Handling patients with patience is important in the field of healthcare. Patiently listening to their health issues and explaining the treatment are traits of successful healthcare professionals.

Decision making:

Healthcare professionals face several trying situations during their work. They are required to make quick and resourceful decisions regarding the patient’s health. Healthcare professionals must have good logical and analytical skills that would help them make the right decisions.

Organized and meticulous:

Healthcare professionals must carry out their work in an organized and meticulous manner giving utmost importance to every detail of the case. This helps them arrive at the right medical decision that is beneficial for the patient’s health.

Time management:

The daily routine of healthcare professionals is packed with medical investigations, consultations, surgical procedures, and patient visits. Excellent time management skills are a must for healthcare professionals.


Handling a patient is usually done by a team of healthcare professionals. Consulting, diagnostics, investigations, treatment, and recovery are some of the components of healthcare. Perfect coordination and communication between teams handling each of these components is a must for delivering comprehensive healthcare.

Healthcare Skill Assessment Test

Apart from having the right credentials and medical licenses, candidates need to have the soft skills that make them a good fit for the job. Soft skills reflect the individual’s personality and disposition. Skills tests for healthcare need to cover all these skills in order to recruit the perfect fit for the job/role. Healthcare assessment tests ensure thorough evaluation of all the essential skills of healthcare professionals.

SkillRobo is an online pre-employment skill assessment test that can be used for screening skill sets for multiple roles across industries. The online healthcare assessment test from SkillRobo streamlines the recruitment process to ensure that it is the right fit for all types of healthcare roles. The key features of the pre-employment skills assessment tests are:

  • Safe browser test environment
  • Fraud and cheating prevention
  • Fully customizable skill library
  • Convenient online test administration
  • Instant reports and analytics on test performance

Automating the candidate screening process saves a lot of time for the recruitment team and also ensures the effective screening of candidates. Unlike conventional screening methods that focus only on technical skills, healthcare pre-employment tests focus on holistic candidate evaluation. Moreover, automated skill assessments are free from human bias and inconsistencies.


Hiring top talent in healthcare gives the organization a competitive edge and ensures quality healthcare. Relying on conventional screening methods like interviews or written tests does not yield good results while hiring. Automated healthcare assessment tests like those provided by SkillRobo ensure that the right candidate is hired for the role. The pre-employment tests can be customized according to the role and the skill set required for the job. Accelerate your hiring process and make it more effective with SkillRobo.

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