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Accounts and Finance is a critical business function that requires highly skilled and qualified team members. The HR can use online accounts and finance skills assessment tests from SkillRobo to skim through hundreds of profiles to find the right fit.

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Must have traits in Accounts and Finance professionals

SkillRobo enables rapid and effective accounts and finance pre-employment assessments

Math skills

Finance and accounting personnel need to be good with numbers and calculations

Data interpretation

F & A personnel need to have the ability to interpret financial data efficiency

Analytical skills

Accounts and finance personnel need to have strong analytical skills

Computer skills

Basic computer skills are required to work on balance sheets and income statements

Attention to details

Attention to details ensure data accuracy and consistency while handling finance data

Accounts and Finance Function

Financial Accounting:

The task of keeping an account of all the financial transactions by way of double-entry bookkeeping as per regulatory guidelines lies with financial accounting. The financial accountant is responsible for financial accounting.

Financial Systems:

Analysis of the financial needs and review of existing systems is financial system management. The design and maintenance of financial systems and providing an interface between finance and technology is part of the financial system’s work.

Payroll System:

Managing the payment of salaries and compensation of the organization is the responsibility of the payroll system. Larger organizations have a payroll system to manage payments, and in smaller organizations, the financial accountant manages payments.


Creating and managing the annual budget of the finance department and controlling and approving the budget of other departments is budgeting. The budget accountant in large organizations and the management accountant in smaller organizations carry out budgeting.

Management Accounting:

Management accounting takes care of the management and control of the financial information required for the smooth operations of the organizations. The management accountant will be responsible for this function.

Treasury and Financial Planning:

Treasury and financial planning function is important for the financial health and success of the organization. Management of money and financial risks in a business is the main function of the treasury wing of the finance and accounting department.

Roles in Accounts and Finance

Chief Financial Oficer

Overseeing the financial strategy, health of the business, and management of the financial department are the key responsibilities of the CFO. Financial planning, reporting, and controls, long term financial strategy, investments, mergers, and acquisitions are some of the duties of the CFO

Financial Controller

Financial controllers are key players within the accounting department responsible for financial accounting, preparation, reporting, analysis, budgeting, and project management. Their focus is on the speedy resolution of immediate financial issues.

Accounting Manager

Enforcement of the accounting principles based on the statutory requirements and auditing policy is the main function of the accounting manager. Maintaining and reporting on the cost is the main functions of the accounting manager.


Measurement and interpretation of financial data is the responsibility of the accountant. Their work provides the foundation for financial strategies. Good math skills are a must for performing the role of the accountant.


Recording and assessing basic accounting data is the function of bookkeepers. Their work involves accurate and consistent maintenance of finance records. They do not perform or contribute directly to financial strategic functions.

Evaluation for Accounts and Finance Roles

The finance and accounting department is the lifeline of the business, which impacts the business bottom line. Hiring for Finance and Accounting positions requires a thorough evaluation of their accounting skills, communication skills, analytical and logical reasoning abilities, and attention to detail. Online accounts and finance assessment tests from SkillRobo enable a comprehensive evaluation of finance and accounting skills.

Accounts and finance assessment tests from SkillRobo help evaluate:

  • Job related skills – evaluates math, logical and analytical abilities
  • Communication skills – verbal and written communication is a must
  • Cognitive ability – evaluates cognitive ability
  • Organizational Skills – attention to detail is evaluated

Key Differentiators


Customizable test library

Online accounts and finance assessment test from SkillRobo provides role-based evaluation questions that can be customized according to the role and skill for which the candidate is being hired for.


Online test

SkillRobo enables convenient administration of test by the HR through online test link that can be sent via email. The candidate needs to click on the test link to start the test and submit it once done.


Reports and analytics

The report and analytics feature in SkillRobo provides instant report on test performance once the candidate completes the test. The hiring team gets a comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s competencies through the report.


Fraud prevention

The candidate takes up the skill assessment in a secure environment that monitors all the online activities of the candidate while taking the test. Fraud and cheating prevention ensure fair evaluation of candidate’s capabilities.

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