Conducting screening assessments is the most crucial step that determines the final outcome of the recruitment process. Finding the perfect fit for the role requires a holistic evaluation of the candidate, which includes technical and behavioral assessment. With software development holding sway across all industries, hiring assessments for software developers need to cover a number of technical and non-technical skill assessments. Online software development assessment tests enable recruiters to conduct comprehensive candidate assessments.

Software Development Industry

The ever-growing demand for digitization of products and services across industries drives the need for software developers. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the software developer market is expected to grow at a rate of 22% by the year 2029. The job growth of software developers outpaces that of other professions by miles.

The software industry includes businesses for the development, maintenance, and publication of software using different business models. This industry also provides software services like training, consultation, documentation, and data recovery. From automation to blockchain technology to progressive web apps, there are several trends that have shaped the software industry into what it is today. The Internet of Things (IoT) has been part of the software trends for a long is emerging as an influential trend. The global spend on IoT is depicted in the image below.

Given the growing demand for software developers across industries, the effectiveness of the hiring process becomes equally important. The recruitment team is responsible for hiring skilled and competent software developers for various roles across industries. Technical competency is no doubt very important for a software developer but ensuring that they are a good fit for the company’s work culture is also equally important. Conventional recruitment methods do not cover all the skill assessments required for software developer roles. Moreover, conventional hiring methods are subjective and biased. Pre-employment skills assessment software is a more effective and efficient way of screening candidates.

Essential Skills of Software Developers

Software development is one of the most sought-after jobs in the market mainly due to attractive pay packages and the opportunity to work on challenging software projects. This has created a fiercely competitive market where software developers and engineers are vying for the most coveted jobs in technology in the largest tech companies in the world.

The work of a software developer involves retrieval, storing, and manipulating data to analyze the capability and requirements of a system. They are responsible for the whole process of developing software as per client requirements.

Some of the essential skills of software developers include:

1. Technical skills:

Software developers need to possess a variety of technical skills. Common technical skills include data structures and algorithms, cloud computing, container tools, database and SQL, LINUX, Object Oriented programming, computer networks, and scripting. Some of these skills are part of the undergraduate curriculum of computer science engineering, while others can be learned by enrolling in free or paid programs on the Internet.

2. Effective interpersonal and communication skills:

The importance of interpersonal relations in professional life can never be undermined. Irrespective of whether you work in a team or as an individual contributor or as a team manager or lead, effective communication with peers and supervisors is a must. Strong interpersonal and communication skills will enable smooth interactions with colleagues and clients.

3. Analytical skills:

Working as a software engineer demands good analytical skills that enable you to understand and meet the expectations of clients. Strong analytical skills help you look at the solution you develop through multiple lenses.

4. Problem-Solving:

Solving a problem is at the core of software development. Problem-solving skills are essential for software developers to develop their careers.

5. Creativity and Innovation:

Developing new software, bringing new capabilities to software systems, and introducing new features in products/services are some of the tasks software developers repeatedly perform in their careers. Ability to think innovatively and creatively is essential to developing new software with unique capabilities and features.

Evaluation of Software Development Skills

Now that we know the essential skills of software developers, the next step is to find appropriate pre-employment assessment tools that cover the entire spectrum of essential skills. Software development assessment tests should cover job-related skills, behavioral traits, logical and analytical ability, and cognitive ability. SkillRobo is an online pre-employment skill assessment tool that provides role-based assessment of skills across industries. The online pre-employment software development test from SkillRobo helps HR screen hundreds of profiles to find the perfect fit.

1. Job-related skills: The skill library can be customized to evaluate the necessary skills for the role for which hiring is in progress. Coding ability and ability to understand client requirements and translate them into software are evaluated as part of job-related skills.

2. Cognitive ability: Software developers often interact with clients and team members during the software development process. Strong cognitive ability is required for understanding the client’s requirement and translating it into software code. The cognitive ability of software developers needs to be tested by the software development assessment skill test.

3. Logical reasoning and analytical ability: To be able to translate client requirements into software code, logical reasoning, and analytical ability are a must for software developers. The skill library for pre-employment assessment includes questions that assess the logical reasoning and analytical ability of candidates.

4. Personality tests: To be able to work in a team and to be a good fit into the company’s work culture, the personality traits of candidates need to be evaluated. Challenging work situations are simulated through tests to evaluate the candidate’s ability to handle crisis situations at work.

SkillRobo enables comprehensive evaluation of candidate’s job-related skills and behavioral traits through customizable skill libraries that can be modified according to software developer roles. The online pre-employment software development test comes with fraud detection and cheating prevention features.


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