Pre-employment assessments are like giving your HR team a treat. These assessments offer the HR a good idea about the candidate’s job potential and help in deciding whether they would fit into the role. Skill assessments provide reliable information on a candidate’s performance and their suitability into the organization culture.

Success of the hiring process  depends on finding qualified people for a particular role in a short duration and inexpensive manner. A single hiring misstep might be expensive. Companies would unnecessarily  bear the cost of a bad hire. The only solution is to have such simple tools that prevent mistakes in hiring. 

Kudos to Technology! Online assessment software has created tools like pre-employment Candidate Testing and tests for reliable and quick candidate evaluation. 

What are pre-employment assessments and tests?

Pre-employment assessments or tests are standardized methods to collect relevant information about the candidates during the recruiting process. They are a reliable way to learn about skills and personality attributes of potential employees.

A more contemporary method of candidate screening is pre-employment testing. The hiring process may now be completed totally online, enabling data-driven hiring and improved HR decisions. The use of online assessment software provides people an edge over others.

As per a research/study, 36% of the candidates are more likely to be pleased with their new job and recruiters are less likely to make mistakes in recruitment with a pre-employment test.

Benefits of using pre-employment Candidate Testing

These tests are what your hiring team needs to separate the wheat from the chaff in your applicant pool. The following are some of the main advantages of employing one while screening a large number of applicants:

Increased Efficiency

The HR team will be more productive because of standardized pre-employment assessments. A benefit for the candidate is that HR selects individuals who are a good fit for the position and team, which improves teamwork and productivity.

Simplifying the online recruiting process

One of the important advantages of pre-employment skill testing is increased recruitment effectiveness. With the help of the correct screening software, recruiters may learn a lot about a job candidate in less time than it takes to review resumes manually.

The time it takes to get to know someone may take a lot of time. To decrease attrition, you might get a head start on planning employee engagement activities and the career path of the individuals within the company by taking simple online employment tests.

Improved Retention of Employees

Pre-employment testing assures that the applicants you choose have the necessary aptitude and skills to carry out the work properly, and also the personality that will help them succeed in your business.

The long-term performance predictions for candidates may be influenced by these variables, which may also reduce their risk of termination and their likelihood of leaving their job.

Makes remote hiring easier

Hiring workers remotely on a large scale can be made considerably simple by using online assessment tools to perform pre-employment assessments. That is due to the adaptability of online tests. Applicants don’t need to come to your office or your staffing company to take your tests; they can do so whenever and wherever is more convenient for them.

This will streamline the remote hiring procedure and increase your prospect pool by letting you hire people in any time zone.

Types of pre-employment Assessments

These tests can provide information that you can use to assess a candidate’s ability for performance in the job, depending on the sort of exam you utilize. The types of pre-employment test that are commonly used are:

Cognitive ability tests

Cognitive ability tests, often known as aptitude tests or IQ tests, measure a person’s capacity for thought, learning, reasoning, and application of knowledge. These exams can assess particular skills like:

  • critically thinking
  • numerical analysis
  • Verbal deduction
  • logical thinking
  • mechanical thought

In order to better understand a candidate’s abilities and weaknesses, recruiters frequently employ aptitude tests when screening applicants for mid- to senior-level positions. These examinations may be especially beneficial for technical roles like engineers or positions requiring complex problem solving, like project managers.

Skills and Knowledge Test

A candidate’s ability to carry out the work is measured during pre-employment skill tests. These job knowledge tests concentrate on the technical skills,expertise, and general aptitude required for a specific role are rapidly moving into a standard in the recruitment industry.

For example, skills assessments include testing software engineer’s proficiency with a specific coding language. Candidate’s communication, creativity, and leadership abilities can be evaluated through skills tests, which are also effective for testing soft skills.

Skills testing is our thing at SkillRobo. Our all-inclusive platform for conducting pre-employment assessments assists recruiters in streamlining the recruiting process. You can select from a collection of prebuilt assessment templates depending on a specific skill set or role, and you can start weeding out the best prospects for your employment pipeline right here.

Personality Test

Personality tests or personality assessments are frequently used to determine if candidates would fit into the company’s culture.

This test can be used to determine a candidate’s extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness to new experiences, and neuroticism.

The hiring for consumer-facing positions like customer service or sales, which call for particular personality attributes like assertiveness and confidence, personality or behavioral exams might be helpful.

Emotional Intelligence Test

In the field of job compatibility, emotional intelligence, or EQ, is still the latest phenomenon to emerge.

A candidate’s capacity to comprehend both their own and other people’s emotions is measured using an emotional intelligence test. As the foundation of effective teamwork, EQ is a necessary quality for leadership and management roles.

Soft Skill Test

Employing individuals who not only have the necessary knowledge for the position but also have the necessary personality traits to collaborate successfully and consistently produce results is made possible by conducting a soft skills assessment.

Trouble-free screening for recruitment team and candidates with SkillRobo online assessment tool

pre-employment assessments has advantages for candidates, such as knowing their skills. But employers can also make the procedure more engaging and as easy as feasible by employing a modern assessment platform.

Nowadays, it’s simple to apply for a job, so companies need a way to pre-screen the inflow of candidates to decide who proceeds to the next stage of the hiring process. 

SkillRobo all-in-one skills assessment platform can help your team quickly identify and shortlist the suitable candidates.

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