recruitment and selection process

Creating a talent pool for a company depends on the recruitment and selection process of a company. An efficient and streamlined candidate assessment process ensures that the right talent is hired by the company. The hiring assessment must focus on evaluating the job-related skills, personality traits, and cognitive abilities of the candidate.

When you have so many candidates out there, the organization is willing to offer the best package and all that is needed to be done is to recruit the right people through an interview process. There are factors that must be considered before making the final call.

Important Points to be Considered in the Recruitment and Selection Process are:

  • Candidate’s ability to work as a team or individually when required
  • Their ability to handle stressful situations and still perform at their best
  • A candidate should possess all the technical skills and be able to practically apply it
  • Individual attitude matters a lot because it is not going to be easy when challenges arise
  • Getting all these assessments done in a short turnaround time within a large group

You can call it the top secrets, call it a strategy that companies use or should be using but the points below are the most important, top 5 things you should know about the requirement process:

1. Evaluating Project Requirements before the Recruitment Process Kicks

Before starting the hiring process, ask yourself whether you really need an employee for a particular position and why. Hiring a candidate and then later questioning their role doesn’t make any sense. A good organization should have proper short term and long-term goals for the new candidate.

  • How soon should the new candidate join?
  • Are they really required in the particular team?
  • What kind of compensation package can be offered based on the budget?
  • How will they contribute to the bigger goals of the organization?

When you ask yourself and the HR team some of these questions, it should be clear when and why the recruitment process should begin.

2. Create a Strong and Interesting Job Description

Long gone are the days when you could actually write a long and boring job description to hire a talented candidate. A number of factors, many subtle, are considered by new-age candidates who require brand recognition and fancy job descriptions.

  • Let your content writer go all wacky with the description and you can add more technical points to it
  • Give candidates a bigger picture of what they will be doing and how it will help them, as well as the company, grow.
  • Come up with real-life examples or even use examples from other brands to know what your organization wants to be to attract better talents.
3. Human Resources Should be Hunters

Never compromise at any point and don’t just simply hire candidates who come your way. Instead, go for a hunt and look for talent from various sources. You can directly message people on LinkedIn if they have a suitable profile and it would be surprising but you will end up with people showing interest in a job change. Just be honest and show genuine interest to get them going and ask them to attend a virtual interview which is much easier than asking experienced candidates to walk in.

  • Make use of online networking channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, or closed groups to hire candidates
  • When they are able to talk to you and interact, it will be much easier to convince a candidate
  • Don’t be a passive hiring personality, be proactive to bag the best employees
  • You can use candidate assessment tools to screen candidates based on personality and behavioral traits beyond job-related skills alone.
4. Brand Your Organization

A-class candidates don’t simply join a company because you offer a better pay package but are keen on building their careers. While the job description can be offered in a generic style, talk to the candidates while branding your organization and explain its future goals. These are inside strategies any HR should use to bring the best people on board.

5. Improve the Screening Process

The pre-screening interview process should now be cloud only because of the huge candidate base that you can approach. No more looking for candidates that live in the same city or are available to attend an in-person interview. Besides, the online process makes it easier to shortlist a large number of candidates at once and hire the right ones.

SkillRobo is made to revamp the recruitment and selection process of your company. While the organization’s managers and HR team are responsible for handling the hiring, and shortlisting in direct interviews, the software will make it easier for you to handle a large number of candidates as well as check their technical skills. It is a reliable software that you can use over the cloud, conduct tests anywhere as needed, and generate immediate reports to have an overview of everyone who applied for the position.

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