Staffing Agency Software

The staffing agency sector is changing. With the invention of new technological solutions like automation, AI, and ML, the recruitment process is exploring a new dimension. With efficiency and transparency being the key concerns in the hiring process, staffing agency software is here to address them. 

So, what role do staffing software solutions play in recruitment?

To improve efficiency, tasks must be streamlined, redundancies have to be removed, and the process has to be automated. This is what you achieve with staffing software. The software automates, streamlines, and eliminates errors from the process, emphasizing skills and abilities. 

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What is Staffing Agency Software?

Staffing agency software solutions are tools designed to aid staffing agencies and the Human Resources department in recruiting and placing the right employee. The tasks within this recruiting process such as job posting, applicant sourcing, resume screening, conducting interviews, and onboarding are streamlined to make it simple and efficient. 

The staffing software takes care of the process by automating the complete process with extensive tools like an applicant tracking system, background check software, finance management tools, etc. Additionally, these staffing software solutions also ensure these processes comply with regulations. 

The tool accelerates the recruiting and placement processes, making it easy for agencies or HR professionals to shortlist candidates

The Must-have Staffing Agency Software Features

Each staffing agency software offers different sets of features that are beneficial to organizations and staffing agencies. Yet, some core features are a must to have and look out for. These features can be evaluated based on your requirements. Here are some of the primary must-have features in recruiting agency software.

Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a built-in method where the software collects resumes, breaks down keywords, and keeps track of the status of each application. As a whole, it can manage the entire recruitment pipeline. This feature is useful when numerous applications come in for different roles and experiences, and it becomes difficult to manage. An ATS will maintain and can access the required documents at any time.

Candidate Scoring

A candidate scoring system will entail all the details regarding their qualifications. Each candidate will be assigned a score using which the highest scores are flagged out for shortlisting. This ensures that only deserving candidates are given the right opportunities.

Recruiting CRM

In candidate sourcing, a lot of management tasks have to be performed. The applicants have to be tracked, managed, and followed up with all the status of the relationships concerning both active and passive candidate sourcing.

Interview Scheduling

Scheduling interviews can be hectic with calendars of multiple people to manage. This is where the feature of interview scheduling gains prominence. This feature helps in connecting both external and internal calendars of all the concerned people. This will help in coordinating with new hires in their new jobs.

Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition helps in finding the candidate pool through the right marketing and also allows the setting up of the metrics for candidate evaluation. This way the right applications are shortlisted.

Hiring Process Automation

Automating the administrative work in the recruiting process eliminates the burden of managing everything. This way automation eases the recruitment process. Automation enables the easy scheduling of interviews, posting job openings, collecting feedback, etc. Automation solutions that support customization will aid in managing the hiring process for different roles.

Job Posting Creation

The software that you choose must provide the generation, optimization, and sharing of job descriptions. Having this feature will save time and will produce strong descriptions.

Communication Features

Communication features are the most important factor when it comes to navigating the recruitment process. The agency must be able to communicate with or contact the companies or candidates whenever required. Additionally, effective communication can be acquired using the chat feature and also a directory for reaching out.

Employer Tracking

The staffing agencies have to have details regarding all the companies they are staffing for. This will allow them to track them effectively. To be able to do this, an employer tracking feature is a must. This also helps in finding the right candidate for the organization.

Time and Expense Tracking

Most importantly, time and all expenses have to be tracked to ensure that they do not overspend. Additionally, the time spent on each candidate and the recruitment process can also be tracked.

Payroll and Accounting

Automatic updating of employee hours, PTO, and leave days all through the week can be tiring for the workers. Helping reduce the time taken to do all these tasks, the payroll and accounting feature can cater to automating all these tasks.

Attributes to Evaluate the Software for Staffing Agencies

Apart from the important features, the important question that you need to ask is what the parameters for evaluating the software for staffing agencies. It is important to not only look at what features it provides but also at the additional factors like usability, price, integration, etc. Here are some of these essential factors.

User Interface (UI)

This attribute is something you can never miss. The user interface must be easy to use and navigate across the platform. To manage resumes, maintain candidate databases, and also take care of hiring workflows, the platform must give an easy user experience.

API and Software Integrations

The staffing software that you choose should be able to integrate with other recruiting tools. Only with integration, the seamless flow of the process can be achieved. With integration capabilities, communication and collaboration can be improved, giving the users more efficiency.

Reliable Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect when it comes to choosing staffing software. Reliable customer support is essential for technical assistance when using the software so that no issues arise while working through the process. The support provided must be real-time as well as on-demand. This will also aid in the setup and the onboarding process as well.

Value for Price

While purchasing staffing software, the cost that you invest matters. The cost not only includes the software but also includes the cost of training, support, and integration expenses. Understanding the pricing model is important, it depends on the size of the team. Two of the common models are 

  • Charging by feature
  • Per user with a monthly or annual subscription.

Why should Recruiters use Staffing Software?

Recruiting agencies must go for staffing software for the benefits that it offers. Moving away from the traditional way of placing candidates, it has now become even more meaningful with the emphasis rising on the importance of conducting assessments. This will ensure that skilled candidates are placed on the right job. This will be beneficial to the candidates, clients, and agencies. 

Another important reason to choose staffing software is the ability to multitask. Human labor has its limitations and often falls back on efficiency. This is where the software shines. These tools will be able to judge the rules input in them and can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. 

Moreover, once assessments have been completed for the role, with the integration with an ATS tool, the software can track the status of the applications and suggest other openings without any delay. This reduces the work for companies to waste time in looking for the right candidates. It is also beneficial to the candidates in finding a job that will fit them.

Decoding the Benefits of Using Staffing Agency Software

Staffing software is highly beneficial to agencies and organizations that want to manage every aspect of the recruitment and placement process. Proper organization and standardization are brought to the process, by targeting the right candidate pool and placing them in the right roles. Digitally transforming hiring processes optimizes the process, and harnesses the maximum efficiency from it. Some of the notable benefits that it offers are as follows.

Automating the Hiring Process

It becomes tedious for staffing agencies to manage every aspect of the placement process like posting the requirements, screening resumes, and scheduling interviews. These tasks are time-consuming and manual processes are error-prone. To eliminate these drawbacks, it is ideal to automate most of these tasks. With automation, the efficiency of the tasks increases as the repetitive routine of tasks like shortlisting candidates is automated.

Gives a Framework to the Process

When most of the tasks within the process are automated, a proper framework is brought in where tasks work in perfect coordination. With automated workflows, the software will automatically align the tasks one after another, adding all the necessary users to the right stage. Moreover, candidates will be sent automated reminder notifications regarding assessment tests and interviews.

Speeds Up the Process

With efficiency comes delayed processing. When automated, the complete process’s pace increases delivering the results faster. Due to this, more candidates can be placed easily, and the companies can also get the resources they want quickly.

More Efficient Workflow

Efficiency improvement is given when operations are automated. Staffing company software enhances the process reducing the burden on all the parties involved. With the process workflow being efficient, it also becomes cost-effective. Moreover, it also garners good returns as well.

Data-driven Hiring

Processes that are driven by automated workflows produce in-depth reports and analytics. Using the insights from these reports, data-driven decisions can be made. The agencies or the HR department can set the metrics for evaluation, and shortlisting skilled candidates. As the right decisions are made, the candidates are shortlisted and placed. This way these candidates perform better in their jobs, and reduce employee turnover.

Saving Resources

Resources such as time, physical items like paper, and pens for assessments, and all the preparatory items required for the scheduling and conducting of interviews are exponentially reduced. An important point to note here is that, as human errors are reduced, tasks do not have to be repeated all over again. This saves a huge amount of essential resources.

How do Staffing Software Solutions Work?

The Staffing agency software stands as a good organizing platform for the staffing agencies and recruiters in sorting the applicants as well as the clients. The important aspect is that it makes communication easier between agencies, clients, recruiters, and candidates. The software automates repetitive tasks like job posting, screening, scheduling, etc. 

The staffing software will remove these redundancies and offer a more streamlined way of conducting the hiring process. These tools make collaboration easy and also support integration with other applications, hence it maintains the flow of the process. With an automated workflow, the test links will be sent to candidates who can take up the assessments. Once the tests have been completed, the candidates will be ranked based on their performance. The performance reports generated will inform the recruiter if a particular candidate is eligible for the role. The evaluation metrics have to be set by the recruiter.

Who Uses Staffing Software?

The staffing software is generally used by staffing agencies or recruiters in an organization, to place the right candidates for the vacant role. Most large enterprise companies have a large team of HR professionals to carry out the process, however, often these companies tend to go for staffing agencies. This is where a staffing solution offers the right solution. It does not require a huge team to be working on recruiting candidates. Moreover, temporary staffing software can also be used by these agencies to source contract-based employees.

How Much Does Staffing Software Cost?

The cost of the staffing differs based on the provider. Most of these are provided based on the number of users. Hence, if the agency has more users, it brings more cost. Additionally, certain software solutions also come with a one-time payment. The users have to buy the product and use it. On average, the pricing of these solutions may start from $30 per month/user. Most tools are billed annually which is more affordable than the monthly price. 

The important point to keep in mind is that a high price does not guarantee good performance. Pay only for the features that you require. Choose the tool that will cater to all your needs and provide the essential features.


Five Best Staffing Agency Software for 2024

1. Skillrobo

Skillrobo is an AI-powered assessment tool that can be effectively used to evaluate and shortlist talented candidates for job roles. The platform offers comprehensive skill-based assessments that are customizable to the needs of the users. Moreover, users can even create their assessment tests by adding the tests from the test library. The AI-assisted feature ARIV enables the users to generate new skills or test questions saving time and energy. It is the best staffing software available in the market.

Key features –

  • Offers AI-based test generation tool ARIV
  • Has the provision to live proctor every candidate during assessments
  • Provides extensive and detailed reports and analytics
  • The test and skills libraries are fully customizable
  • The platform offers assessment test templates based on different roles
  • Any kind of fraud can be detected using this platform
  • The platform also offers assistance in decision-making

Pricing – 

  • Professional – $69 per month (billed annually)
  • Offers free trial for 14 days

2. TempWorks

TempWorks is a temporary staffing software that is designed to meet the needs of a temporary staffing agency. The tool stands out as its front end as well as back end can be customized, catering to all the specific needs of the users. This is specifically helpful for temporary agencies where their needs keep changing.

The platform offers an open API and provides a powerful application. After the hiring stage is over, the candidates can be onboarded digitally through the application’s HRCenter. 

Key Features –

  • The software is mobile-optimized
  • Facilitates a paperless onboarding and form storage
  • The application is completely customizable

Pricing – 

  • Free plan for up to 5 users
  • Deliver – $9.99 per user/month – billed annually
  • Grow – $19.99 per user/month – billed annually
  • Scale – Price on request

3. eSkill

Using eSkill, staffing agencies can simplify hiring and inviting the top candidates. On this platform, the candidates can be set for skills assessments and other behavioral tests, to understand their capabilities. The customizable user portal makes tests suitable for the role and candidate experiences. The assessments can be personalized by adding the brand as well.

Key Features –

  • Provides customizable pre-employment assessments
  • Offers white label branding for its users
  • Provides content library and file-sharing options

Pricing – 

  • $850 one time
  • No free trial is available
  • No free version is available

4. Psycruit

Psycruit is recruiting software that offers pre-employment assessments. These assessments can be created by the users from scratch. Based on the different job roles, the agencies can create customized assessment tests. Areas like personality, situational judgment, and cognitive ability can be tested for a comprehensive view of candidates’ capabilities. Using the data from the reports, the users can create important benchmarks to shortlist the best candidates out of the pool. This will reduce new-hire churn. 

Key Features – 

  • The platform allows employer branding
  • The tool offers candidate management support
  • It also provides open API to the users

Pricing – 

  • Price on request
  • No free trial available

5. JobDiva

JobDiva is the best staffing agency software that offers end-to-end solutions for automating the recruitment process. Some of the important areas where the platform excels are candidate acquisition and management, and applicant tracking. This tool is best suitable for agencies who are looking for candidates with 5+ years of experience in a particular industry. The tool can scan the skills of the candidates based on their years of experience. 

Key Features – 

  • It offers a customizable career portal
  • Users can have an equal employment opportunity compliance
  • It facilitates E-verify integration
  • It also offers custom business intelligence and dashboards

Pricing – 

  • $100 per month
  • No free trial available

Final Words

Recruitment is not an easy job, especially when done manually. This is why recruiters need to implement staffing agency software that will automate the process. A huge chunk of time is saved when the tasks are automated, saving numerous resources. The bottom line is that this software will improve hiring and bring in more benefits than a manual one. 

Skillrobo is an effective tool for acquiring this advantageous curve for your agency/company. With the latest technical advancements like AI, the tool empowers recruiters to have more control over the process. To book a free trial, sign up today.

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