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Recruiters can streamline the hiring process for staffing and recruitment organizations with the help of recruitment software. In upcoming years, 77% of millennial clients of staffing agencies intend to increase their use of their service, according to a CareerBuilder report. In light of this, employment industries have a lot on their sides. They consequently want to invest in recruiting technology, such as staffing agency software, to handle the hiring process properly. 

This staffing company software keeps track of the information about the employees from the time of pre-hiring to the time after they are hired. Technology is beyond bounds. Even though there are numerous types of software available for the same goal, many companies say it is now more difficult than ever to identify the top talent. 

In today’s world of staffing and recruitment, having the right tools can make a big difference in the organization’s recruitment process. The recruiting agency software is designed to facilitate the recruitment process, improve efficiency, and help employers find the right candidates. From applicant tracking and resume parsing to interview scheduling and candidate management, these platforms have extensive features. In this article, we have curated the top 10 best staffing agency software solutions that will revolutionize the way you recruit and manage your talent pool. 

What is Staffing Agency Software?

The foundation of a well-functioning staffing machine is staffing agency software. This software assists businesses in managing their staff and clients like a finely tuned instrument. Staffing agency software plays the conductor, giving orders to the hiring process with capabilities including candidate tracking, client management, job advertising, resume management, time tracking, billing and invoicing, and reporting. 

By allowing agencies to quickly shortlist and hire the ideal candidate without having to take on a large amount of effort, the appropriate recruiting agency software can significantly speed up the hiring process for recruiters. There are various types of temporary staffing software with distinct features and capabilities available depending on the organization’s requirements. 

Types Of Software Used In Staffing Agencies 

These are the software that staffing agencies most frequently utilize, depending on the demands and hiring process:

Application Tracking System (ATS):

Software that controls the hiring and recruitment process, including job advertisements and application processes, is known as an application tracking system (ATS). It organizes and makes searchable information about job searchers. The management of the whole recruitment process from candidate sourcing through hiring, is made easier with the use of an ATS. 

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM): 

Through the use of candidate relationship management, recruiters can describe the candidate’s experience or the total impression a candidate has of their interactions with the employers during the whole recruitment process.CRM aids in building a talent pipeline that hiring managers can leverage. 

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS):

A software solution known as a human resources information system (HRIS) is used to handle and process specific individual’s data as well as human resources-related rules and regulations. The HRIS standardizes human resources (HR) duties and processes while promoting accurate record-keeping and reporting as an interactive system of information management. 

An HRIS provides smoother, simplified, and more effective interactions between employees and the organization they work for while freeing HR professionals to carry out more strategic and high-value work. This is done by getting rid of paper-based and manual HR-related activities. 

Candidate Assessment Software:  

Candidate assessment software is a pre-employment testing software that helps in the efficient hiring of candidates by HR teams and recruiters. Using this software employers can evaluate individuals based on a variety of traits, such as skill sets, personality, etc. This software assists recruiters in finding the top talents with the required competencies for the organization.

Must-Have Features In Software For Staffing Agencies

1. Scheduling: 

Scheduling is a crucial component in any staffing agency. It must be simple for employers to assign new hires to their new positions. To prevent time consumption, the scheduling tool needs to have a time clock feature and geo-tracking. 

To ensure that the information is visible and understandable for everyone concerned, it should smoothly interface with third-party calendar software. 

2. Candidate sourcing: 

The hardest and most time-consuming step in creating a successful placement is sourcing candidates. Employers may quickly build a talent pipeline to find the top candidate for challenging tasks by using recruiting agency software with intelligent candidate sourcing. 

By automating candidate screening to locate the most pertinent resume, a candidate sourcing function enables them to instantly contact possible prospects in seconds. Boolean search is a fantastic approach to carrying out thorough searches for passive prospects and huge platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed in recruiting software. 

3. Candidate tracking: 

It’s critical to be able to categorize and keep track of who is applying, for what positions, what their experience is, where they are situated, etc. when there are so many applications coming in. To match the applicants with job openings, recruiters need to store all of that information in a way that allows for easy access. 

4. Communication: 

Both the company and potential hires must be reachable by the software with ease. To get in touch with people quickly, get the information they need, and arrange meetings, there ought to be a chat option and a directory. 

5. Employer monitoring: 

Recruiters need to be aware of the businesses they hire. They should be able to be sorted by region, employee count, or industry so that they can find exactly who they need. 

6. Tracking of time and costs: 

Make sure that the internal team can keep track of the time they spend researching each organization for hires as well as any costs involved. 

7. Mobile Hiring:

All recruitment tech stacks now require mobile-friendly tools as remote recruiting replaces the traditional hiring process. More than 77% of job searchers use their mobile devices for job seeking, therefore it’s essential to spend money on staffing software that allows candidates, clients, and recruiting teams to access information through mobile. 

A mobile-friendly staffing software will ensure a smooth experience for job seekers, which will help them attract top-talent mobile job applicants. For mobile hiring on the go, the finest staffing agency software should have a cloud-based mobile app. 

8. Accounting and payroll: 

Every week, manually entering employee hours, PTO, sick days, etc. would be time-consuming and error-prone. Ensure that any software they employ can be integrated with the payroll system of the organization’s choice. 

9. Data compliance: 

Data compliance and security are essential features of any recruitment software because staffing agencies deal with very sensitive data. They should check that the recruiting agency software they choose has SSL sessions, password security, and end-to-end data encryption. 

They put their recruiting agency’s credibility and integrity at risk if their hiring data is not safe and secure. Data security and compliance ensure that the staffing agency complies with all legal obligations. When investing in staffing software, look for data security measures because a simple manual error may cost them a lot of money. 

11 Best Staffing Software In 2023

We have discussed the types of software used in staffing agencies such as employee assessment software, applicant tracking software, and candidate relationship management software in the above section. Now, we’ll explore the best staffing agency software under these categories. 

Best Candidate Assessment Software 

1. Skillrobo

Staffing agencies can more easily forecast whether a candidate will be a good fit for a position due to the Skillrobo’s candidate assessment software. The tool is purely scientific. Staffing agencies can properly anticipate whether an applicant has what it takes to succeed in a particular job role because of Skillrobo’s patented technology, which blends data and science. It makes use of pre-employment tests to gauge a candidate’s aptitude, soft skills, and cognitive ability before providing recruiters with a score they may use to make a hiring decision. 

If the staffing agency makes hires for clients across a range of sectors, Skillrobo can help the employers put situational judgment tests (SJTs) in place that are industry-specific and may be used to determine whether a candidate is a suitable fit for a position in that sector. Data-driven hiring reduces the impact of unconscious bias. Skillrobo is also available to staffing agencies for video or text-based interview questions and lets candidates record and submit their replies using the one-way video interview feature of the service. In this manner, employers may screen candidates more effectively with Skillrobo. 


  • Predictive hiring/automated grading score.
  • Pre-built test library.
  • Skills assessments.
  • Personality/psychometric tests.
  • Customizable candidate assessments.
  • Easy integration with other software.
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation.
2. Psycruit

Psycruit is also a pre-employment assessment tool where employers can create their tests from scratch. Staffing companies can use the platform to design personalized assessment campaigns that evaluate candidates’ personalities, situational judgment, and cognitive skills. 

It makes use of the data to create benchmarks and forecast insights to draw in better applicants and reduce recruit turnover. This pre-employment tool is customizable and filters the most suitable candidates for the organization. 


  • Facilities for managing candidates.
  • Open API.
  • Employer reputability.
3. eSkill

eSkill is a formidable resource for staffing agencies trying to acquire and retain outstanding applicants. Employers can use eSkill to put applicants through behavioral and employment evaluations to make sure they are qualified for the position. Staffing agencies can modify assessments to meet their needs and even add their branding because the portal is completely customizable. 

Employers only need to develop their test and add it to the library if they can’t find the test they require in eSkill’s list of pre-build tests. eSkills offers video interviews and also helps to better grasp a candidate’s skills before hiring them or moving them along the employment process.


  • Pre-employment assessment customization.
  • File sharing/content library.
  • White label marketing.

Best Application Tracking Software (ATS)

4. Bullhorn 

Over 10,000 businesses use Bullhorn for recruitment, making it one of the top players in the ATS market for staffing agencies. This is a recruiting agency software, that uses automation to streamline the recruitment process and automatically collect candidate data. Bullhorn provides predictive intelligence technology that can determine when and how to contact potential job candidates who would be a good fit for a specific position. 

Then, to improve the entire experience, it records each communication a recruiter has with a candidate.  Additionally, Bullhorn can be altered to match as no two staffing agencies are the same. Recruiters can alter the platform’s appearance, and user choices, record overviews, and create their submission templates so that the hiring process corresponds to their agency.


  • Applicant tracking.
  • High efficiency of sourcing candidates.
  • They are automatically parsing resumes.
5. Recruiterflow

Recruiterflow can be a suitable choice for the staffing agency if they want to keep things as easy as possible in terms of the hiring process. There is one significant distinction between Recruiterflow and other recruiting CRM and candidate tracking software. Employers may schedule candidate interview calendars. The Recruiterflow dashboard is also a potent tool. To find the most qualified applicants to fill open positions, it provides staffing agencies with the ability to perform automated email outreach campaigns and post numerous job sites. 


  • Templates for interview scorecards.
  • Calendar and email integration.
  • Customized career portal. 
6. TempWork

TempWorks was created especially for agencies that provide temporary labor. Having a fully customized front and back end is crucial for temp recruiters. Since no two clients are the same, the temp agencies require a platform that can adapt as needed. There are many features in this software. It’s one of the tools on our list that takes a long time to be mobile-optimized in addition to having an open API. TempWork’s mobile employee engagement tool makes staffing efforts even simpler.


  • Customizable software.
  • Paperless hiring and onboarding.
  • Mobile-friendly.
7. Workbright

Workbright is HR software for staffing agencies that is hosted in the cloud. Staffing agencies can make wise decisions regarding individual candidates with the platform’s streamlined HR processes, real-time data, and reporting tools. Workbright provides several services, including compliance reporting, employee document management, time tracking, and onboarding. Additionally, the software connects with current HR and payroll systems, guaranteeing that data is readily available. This software offers staffing agencies enhanced productivity, better data accuracy, and easier HR process. 


  • Automated E-verification.
  • Customized Notifications.
  • Automated form updates.
8. Recruit CRM 

Recruit crm is a web-based tool for candidate relationship management, which automates and streamlines the hiring process. Recruitment teams can rely on simplifying their hiring process, from processing resumes to fostering relationships with clients and candidates. With the help of Recruit CRM, staffing agencies all around the world have seen a high increase in revenue while saving time. 


  • Chrome extension available.
  • 24/7 support system.
  • Customizable reminders.
9. Talentnow RecruitX

RecruitX was created specifically for staffing agencies and employment companies. All a recruiter needs to do to begin the hiring process is to create a job vacancy in the RecruitX dashboard. Candidates are then automatically screened into a dashboard from a company’s career website as well as from independent websites like Indeed, Jobble, and Trovit. RecruitX then parses resumes and filters candidates based on job fit to identify the most pertinent possibilities.


  • Candidate tracking.
  • Advanced level of candidate sourcing.
  • Interview scheduling.

All-Encompassing Software 

10. Avionte

Avionte is a one-stop solution for large-scale staffing agencies. This software has lots of features like an applicant tracking system (ATS), candidate relationship management (CRM), recruitment, and onboarding. It also includes other functions like payroll, billing, and IT-related functions. It helps recruiters in sourcing candidates integrated with third-party job portals like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. 

Avionte provides an extensive feature on video interviews, background checks, and resume analysis to make the best hiring decisions. If a candidate passes the first level of tests, staffing agencies can move them forward to the next level in the CRM tool, where the relationship between them will automatically nourish using follow-ups and emails. 


  • Social media integration.
  • Specialized application processes.
  • Paperless accounts, payroll, and billing.
11. JobDiva

JobDiva is also a one-stop solution for recruiting the most suitable candidates for their organization. This platform mainly focuses on three important areas, Talent acquisition, applicant tracking, and management. Each of these areas has a wide range of features, especially JobDiva has a feature that can scan for skills based on experience. 

If any staffing agency is seeking experienced candidates, JobDiva assists them in automatically parsing resumes before they enter a recruitment funnel. The real advantage of JobDiva is it gathers all the activities of a staffing agency under one roof. It not only helps to save money and time but also assists in training as staffers will only need to master one recruitment tool.   


  • Personalized career portal.
  • Equal employment opportunities.
  • Custom dashboard and business intelligence. 

How can Staffing Agency Software Software be Evaluated?

It can be difficult to choose the right recruiting agency software for the hiring requirements. Each staffing agency will have unique criteria, procedures, and company demands.

Here are five factors agency recruiters should take into account when assessing staffing software to help with the decision-making process. 

User interface: 

Is it simple to use and navigate the software? Can each member of the team easily locate the information they need to do their tasks? Although the usefulness of the software may vary depending on the user, employers shouldn’t skimp on its usability or user interface. If recruiters don’t go for usability and a practical interface, their staffing software will be cumbersome and complex, which will only make the selection process more difficult. 

Functional qualities:

Does the software include every functionality it requires to properly manage its operations and get the necessary results? These features consist of data reporting, scheduling interviews, talent sourcing, and application monitoring. Every organization has requirements that staffing software must meet, however, some characteristics, such as automation, customization, and functionality are essential. Remember that it’s simple to be carried away by all the features in today’s software industry, even while these features might not offer the most functionality for the company’s needs. 

Reliable customer support: 

Businesses and staffing agencies frequently overlook customer service, but an excellent support team will make the investment worthwhile! Always spend money on staffing software that offers 24/7 customer support to solve any technical issues they could encounter. Remember that effective customer service will also impact their setup and onboarding processes. 

Cost efficiency: 

Think about the price of purchasing staffing software, including any additional expenses for integration, support, or training. It’s crucial to carefully explore a few key possibilities when deciding which recruiting agency software will perform best for the organization. To minimize extra charges, be aware of their trial time and various price structures. The team size can typically affect price models, although the most popular pricing models are:

  • Charging for features.
  • Through a monthly or yearly subscription basis. 
Software and API Integration:

The hiring process will be much more simplified and controllable due to the availability of third-party integrations and API, which will guarantee a seamless workflow across all the tools and communication processes. Integrations of third-party software put everything in one place and do away with the need for various tools and open tabs. 

Without integrations, their pre-employment assessment process will be complicated by a disjointed recruitment system. Ensure that the staffing software solutions are seamlessly integrated with career pages, job boards, social media platforms, email, and other communication applications.


The benefits of staffing agency software for the recruitment industry are numerous. The right software enables the recruiters to manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations with ease and effectiveness, from task and schedule management to client and communication management. 

This will enable them to save time and, more importantly, ensure the quality of the services. The all-in-one solution from Skillrobo provides everything the organizations require to maintain efficient daily operations, maintain peak staff performance, and refocus attention on the company. With the right software, you can evaluate a candidate’s suitability for the position and cognitive skills. 

On-demand video interviews also give agencies the option to assess a candidate’s suitability before inviting them to a live interview. As a result, the hiring procedure is more simplified and effective, and in the staffing market, you stand out from the competition. Select the staffing software that is suitable for your company and start enjoying the benefits right away! 

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