value of pre-employment tests in interview process

A Way to Add Value to Your Interview Process

The internet has revolutionized almost every industry and recruitment is one among hundreds of other sectors that have witnessed massive changes in the last couple of decades. You are no longer meeting a candidate for the first time.

After all, everything you need to know about a candidate and their skillset can be acquired through LinkedIn including their official. There was a time when newspapers and peer-to-peer hiring was the only way to access potential skilled candidates.

However, websites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn now provide a holistic view of the candidate you are about to call for an interview. An HR manager can easily understand how passionate they are about their job by looking at the pages they follow on Facebook, their photos on Instagram, and even developer jokes that they share on a daily basis online.

At the end of the day, the big question still prevails…

How do you find out whether the candidate is really eligible and ready to take on the challenges the role demands?

Does he or she possess the specific skill set required to perform at a high level?

Are they willing to adapt to a new environment and learn related technologies in a short span of time?

Pre-Employment Tests – The Answer to Assured Candidate Hiring?

An interview is usually split into multiple categories. The interview makes it easier for the employer to assess a candidate’s skills, approach towards aptitude questions, and how effectively he or she can handle job challenges.

The major types are,

  • Skill Test
  • Personality Assessment
  • Cognitive Test
  • Soft Skills Assessment

Categorizing tests into different types makes it easier to prepare the type of questions required and pose them to get accurate answers. Bundling all these questions into a single question paper cannot only mislead the candidate but it may also lure potential talents away. You might miss one or two of the best candidates who would have otherwise done great if technology skills and soft skills are split into dedicated tests.

Conventional Interview Process Vs Online Interview Process

Asking the right questions attract the best candidates as the candidates feel challenged and expect that they will be working on interesting problems that will be both intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding. A brief summary of the differences between conventional and online tests is given below:

Conventional Interviews Online Interviews
Time-consuming Easier to setup and less time consuming
Cannot handle large quantities of candidates Easy to be distributed to as many candidates as required
Cannot be conducted virtually Works over the cloud and can be used to assess candidates in any part of the world
Tries to bundle every type of question into a single interview questionnaire The online interview process segregates aptitude, and technology test from the soft skills testing process

How Does an Online Interview Process Help an Employer?

An employer should take different aspects into consideration before hiring a candidate. They should be able to say whether the candidate meets the expected level of knowledge, possess a specific skill set, is thorough with the technologies required, and has additional qualities such as the ability to lead a team as well as make timely decisions.

A streamlined process such as this one initiated by software like SkillRobo also allows the employer to not spend too much time on candidates who are eligible for the job role. They can also use it as a skill assessment tool for appraisals in the future, to avoid any legal suits in case the employee has to be laid off, and for evaluating employee performance throughout her tenure. It contributes both ways – to hire the right candidate and safeguard a brand against wrong decisions.

SkillRobo – A Pre-Employment Assessment Tool for Recruiters

Every basic feature that businesses would expect from a candidate assessment tool is delivered in SkillRobo along with exciting and excellent advanced features to customize tests your business and job role demands.

SkillRobo achieves these with,

  • An affordable solution for small and medium businesses
  • A vast collection of tests on the most popular technologies and skill sets to use out of the box
  • We support custom requests and new skill tests are being consistently added to keep it updated
  • Easy to share tests in person and online with reliable customer support

With a solid interview process tool offered by SkillRobo, companies of all types and sizes can make use of the pre-employment tests that the program offers. It makes it easier to shortlist the right candidates, assess their familiarity with the test and bring them on board so that they could make big contributions to the organization.

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