Recruitment teams are presented with a number of hiring options that channelize their efforts to find the right candidate for job requirements. Manual hiring options are subjective and prone to human bias. From employment skills test to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), each of these options provide unique benefits for the business. In addition to being convenient to use and customize, candidate assessment tools come across as a convenient method to assess diverse candidate skills across industries. Recruitment process outsourcing helps source niche skills and hard to fill positions.

All about Candidate Assessment Tools

Online candidate assessment tools are a convenient and effective way of hiring candidates for varied skill sets across industries like IT, software development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, quality control, etc. What are online assessment tools for recruitment? Pre-employment candidate assessment tools help evaluate the skills and competency of candidates in an objective and consistent manner. These tools are not only a great way to screen the right candidate for the job requirement, but are also ways to evaluate the candidate’s profile to identify the skill deficit and training requirements.

Recruiters and hiring managers use pre-employment skill assessment tools to determine the job-related technical skills, cognitive abilities, behavioural and soft skills of candidates. These assessments can be delivered in person or online and vary in type and length depending on the role, skills, and organization. Organizations need to consider the following points while choosing the pre-employment software that suits their business requirements.

  • What kind of assessment do they require?
  • How do you want to use these candidate skill assessment tools?
  • How long will it take to implement these tools?
  • Does the assessment fit into the organizational goal/vision?
  • Do these assessments evaluate the candidate holistically?

Candidate assessment tools enable easy and quick administration of the test through email links sent to the candidates. These tests are conducted in a secure browser environment for safe candidate evaluation. Pre-employment skill tests are equipped with fraud and cheating prevention features that ensure fair candidate evaluation. The report on the candidate’s performance is immediately made available to the candidate, which helps them make informed hiring decisions.

SkillRobo is a pre-employment skills assessment test software that empowers the hiring team to make informed recruitment decisions. The hiring team gets instant reports and analysis of the candidate’s performance. The fully customizable skill library enables comprehensive candidate evaluation for various roles and skills across industries.

Understanding Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the outsourcing of all or some of the recruitment activities. Organizations that outsource the recruitment process enter into a contract with an external provider for handling some or all the hiring activities. Outsourcing recruitment activities provides access to high quality talent. There is also a significant reduction in cost-per hire and time to hire in RPO. Recruitment outsourcing also improves the return on investment for businesses. Here are some ways in which recruitment process outsourcing may prove beneficial for businesses.

Improves scalability and flexibility of recruitment – the hiring needs of organizations vary throughout the year, RPO helps anticipate and handle these varying requirements.

Improves efficiency and speed of hiring: outsourcing the hiring activity helps find the best quality hire and job specific talent quickly and effectively.

Provides access to niche skills: the challenge faced by many organizations is filling in niche and critical company positions. The extensive candidate database that RPO has access to enables successful filling of such positions.

Boosts employer branding: recruitment is done only after thorough research on the company’s brand and comparing it with competition. Such extensive research helps create a robust dialogue that highlights reasons why candidates should work with that company.

Ensure compliance with hiring regulations: agencies that take care of hiring activities are well aware of the hiring regulations that prevail in that region and ensure that their activities comply with them.

Lessens the workload on the recruitment department: outsourcing hiring activities will ease the strain on the human resources department.

Employment Skills tests versus Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Employment skills test and recruitment process outsourcing are useful tools that make the lives of recruitment professionals easy. Both these tools provide several advantages for organizations. Here is a comparison of employment skills tests versus recruitment process outsourcing.

Candidate Assessment Tools Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Candidate profile is thoroughly assessed by candidate assessment tools Recruitment agencies only evaluate the skills required for specific job roles
Helps build the candidate profile by identifying strengths and improvement areas Looks at skills required for performing roles only
Evaluate job related skills, soft skills, cognitive abilities, and behavioural tests Focusses only on technical skills
Improves the scalability and flexibility of recruitment Helps screen and hire candidates at scale
Adheres to hiring compliance policies Adheres to recruitment policies
Focusses only on hiring process Focuses on boosting employer branding
Lessens the burden on recruitment team Reduces the burden on the hiring team
Ensures fair candidate evaluation by providing a secure test environment Follows conventional hiring methods that are subjective
Can be used for hiring candidates across industries for various roles Help hire quality candidates for niche, hard to fill positions
Test can be taken from any convenient location In most cases tests must be taken from a fixed physical location


Pre-employment candidate assessment tools are increasingly being adopted by organizations to not just hire the right candidate but to also build out the entire profile of the candidate. Employment skills tests and recruitment process outsourcing are among the effective ways that relieve the recruitment team from the workload of screening several profiles to narrow down on the right fit for the job. These alternate recruitment methods render the recruitment process more effective and quicker. Sourcing niche skills and hiring for hard to fill positions can be done using employment skill tests. SkillRobo is a candidate assessment tool that can be administered by the hiring team via email link to the candidate. Fraud and cheating prevention features in SkillRobo ensure fair evaluation of candidate skills.

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