pre-employment accounting assessment

Efficient management of finance is of paramount importance to any organization, however big or small. Important finance activities like keeping track of expenses, using financial resources optimally, planning quarterly and yearly budgets, and making the right investment decisions require an efficient financial management system. Finance and accounting professionals are required to run the finance management systems in an organization. Recruitment of skilled and competent finance professionals can be effectively done by using pre-employment accounting tests.

Skills Required for Accounting and Finance Professionals

The accounting and finance function plays a key role in cash flow and expense management. The person hired for the role of accountant needs to be reliable and trusted to handle sensitive financial information for the company. Apart from having good domain knowledge, accountants must be skilled in handling large volumes of data generated by financial transactions.

Job-related skills include math skills, accountancy, knowledge of accounting laws and regulatory policies, and bookkeeping. Not just domain knowledge, accountants and finance professionals need to possess certain soft skills required to perform well in their roles. Teamwork is a must for accounts professionals as they need to coordinate with members of their team and other departments for everyday work.

What are Pre-Employment Screening Tests?

Pre-employment screening tests are a standardized method to gather information about a prospective candidate’s job-related skills and behavioral tendencies. A pre-employment accounting test, also known as an accounting aptitude test, is an assessment administered to ensure that candidates are well-versed in accounting concepts, principles, and terms. Pre-employment assessment tests help in screening suitable candidates and enabling the HR team to conduct interviews to hire only prospective candidates. Only top prospects are hired by the organization by using accounts skill assessment tests.

Pre-employment assessments are scientifically validated methods for evaluating the knowledge of assessment takers. Using skill assessment tools, recruitment teams can customize the aptitude and skills tests to evaluate the skills required for accounting jobs. Here are the top reasons why pre-employment assessments are useful:

  • To set a standard for the hiring process
  • Reduce the time, effort, and money spent on needless interviews
  • Gather information on the strengths and weaknesses of candidates
  • Bring down the time required to train new staff
  • Get the perfect fit for open positions

Pre-hire assessments include simulating role plays and psychometric tests. case studies, decision-making ability tests, cognitive ability tests, and reasoning ability tests.

What do Pre-Employment Accounting Assessment Tools Measure?

The skills required by accounting professionals are mentioned in the above section. Accounts pre-employment assessments evaluate these skills through different assessments. Accounting assessments evaluate the candidate’s ability to process numerical and financial information. In addition to accounting principles and concepts, candidates are also evaluated on general aptitude, reasoning ability, and communication skills.

Simulation tests provide candidates with work scenarios to assess how they would react by providing options to choose from. Communication skills are essential for accountants, pre-employment assessments evaluate the written and oral communication of candidates. General aptitude and reasoning ability tests are included in the account’s pre-employment assessments.

Advantages of Using Pre-Hire Assessment Tests

Sifting through numerous applications received for the role of an accountant can be a challenging task for HR. Accounts assessment tests can make the job a lot easier by screening only suitable candidates and sending them to the next level of the recruitment process. The main benefits of using pre-employment assessments are:

  • Streamlined and standardized hiring
  • Higher productivity in hiring
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduction in hiring costs
  • Higher efficiency in hiring
  • Assess multiple candidates across various locations
  • Gives candidates the advantage of taking the test at their convenient place and time

Pre-employment testing ensures that new employees have the basic aptitude required for the job and the required temperament to perform well in the job. SkillRobo is a pre-employment assessment platform that provides fully customizable assessments for various roles across industries. From accounting assessments to sales and marketing assessments to production assessments – SkillRobo provides a complete range of pre-employment assessments.


Hiring skilled and competent accounting professionals can be done effectively by using pre-employment accounting tests. Customizable accounts pre-employment assessments from SkillRobo can be used by organizations to recruit skilled and competent accountants and finance professionals.

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