HR team creating assessments for employees
HR & Management

The HR and Management team employees will be tested on a wide range of commonly required skills including their ability to communicate ideas well.

staffing agency software
Software Development

With information technology industry growing at an unprecedented pace, software developers with proficient skills are a common requirement for most organizations.

Why_evry Recruiting Team Needs a Sales Assessment Test

The sales team works at the forefront of an organization, responsible for understanding the products, services offered before selling them to a potential client base.

marketing assessment tests

SkillRobo test helps decision makers, CEOs and other managers in the top management identify a candidate’s able to market products and services in the most impressive style.

digital recruitment strategies
Office Administration

Office administrative task is the key role where the person working in it should possess a wide range of skills and extremely capable of handling demanding situations.

accounting and finance team
Accounting & Finance

In the recruitment industry, majority of the interview process is based on certifications and different financial & accounts exams the candidates may have cleared.

customer support team
Customer Support

An effective customer support team comprising of a group of trained individuals will play a huge role in pushing sales forward and achieving milestones every year.

competency assessment tools
Supply Chain

They are responsible for ensuring the raw materials are collected, production is handled, quality control and delivery to the respective agents.

Pharmacy Skill Assessment Test

Play a key role in healthcare by storing, handling, and delivering quality prescription medicines to patients and the general public.

software engineer behavioral interview questions

From infrastructure development to software development to environment safety, Engineers play important roles in the development and progress of society.

Medical Skill Assessment Test

Medical professionals work towards saving lives in medical emergencies, taking care of the health and wellness of the society, and improving quality of healthcare.

skill library

Librarians are in charge of maintaining and managing a library that is a storehouse of knowledge and reference materials for academicians and students

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